for 10 years, Moderna and Bio-N-Tech were arguing that mRNA vaccine development was unprofitable and now that they've finally had their butts kicked by COVID, they've realized that a vax that blocks the major sources of serious respiratory disease every flu season would be great

Moderna is promoting the idea of an annual pan-respiratory vaccine (6 viruses) booster for COVID, 4 types of flu, and RSV viruses. it would nullify basically everything but the cold every flu season

RSV or Respiratory syncytial virus is a common virus every flu season and causes pneumonias and bronchitis in young & old

The previous vax attempt made the it worse and like 2 kids died. But mRNA tech promises to open up safe vaxs that traditional vax development cannot reach

@poppyhaze I wonder how much of that is purely public opinion on both RSV vaccinations and mRNA as a new technology shifting

@ngp in traditional vax development, you could have something called Vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease or VAERD where the vax makes the people sicker when they get infected

this was a problem for Pneumonia viruses and Coronaviruses and it wasn't safe to create like inactivated virus vaccines like you would for polio for those virus families

But mRNA is much more targeted and can safely immunize people for those virus families


@poppyhaze interesting. My roommate did nearly die from extremely high fever from the J&J COVID vaccine, which I believe is disabled adenovirus based

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