Guys if you want the government to take over Twitter and force it to be ‘a public platform’ (sounds pretty communist to me) AT LEAST call for it to be open source too. This “repeal section 230 but let Twitter hold us at the mercy of its proprietary algorithms while placating the people” idea doesn’t sound like a good deal for us.

@alex I'd settle for just forcing twitter to join the fediverse. The problem is I don't think everyone else's instance could take that kind of data pipe 🤣

@ngp Fortunately the Fediverse is designed to scale. 😛 In the case of a huge remote server, only posts from people your server follows will be ingested.

@alex oh that's true. Good luck convincing twitter to implement ActivityPub though. I'd expect a lot of large Fediverse instances to block anyway

@ngp They’re already talking about “BlueSky” (their own project to federate Twitter) but I get the sense they have no clue what they’re doing.


@alex I bet it's one of those projects they threw the interns/junior engineers on so it will be implemented poorly (or not actually get completed). I can't think of a monetary incentive for twitter to federate.

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@ngp I think they want to federate because they wanted to ban the president and be able to say “well you can just start your own.” Now that they already did it I’m not sure it’s a priority for them anymore.

@alex they're still in a pretty legal grey area with regards to public-square type freedom of speech. They may continue to work on it out of fear of getting regulated out of existence.

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