Aw heck, Pocket Casts is now free!
NPR and a few other public radio stations bought it a bit ago, and they're opening it up to make sure everyone has access to an extremely high quality ad-free podcast client, with all the features you need to listen comfortably, the way you should be able to. (Custom skip times, custom playspeeds, white space cutting, intro cutting, etc.)
I appreciate that so much. I've used it for years and years while it was paid, and it's by far the best client out there, imo. I recommend it.

People who used to pay for it get a lifetime membership to "plus" service, which adds like, two pointless things. (Icon themes and a small file cloud you can keep some of your own mp3s on.) It's hilarious how pointless Plus is, I think they just want to give us oldies something as a mark of appreciation, and give others a way to financially support them if they want. Which is nice.

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@V I think the web client now requires having Plus. It was previously a paid 'beta' product

@ngp Ah, yes, I think you're right. I remember when I was a kid, I'd use the web client all the time to listen on library computers. Glad to see it's at least not gonna be beta anymore. And for $10 a year, or whatever it is, it's a good deal, I suppose. I don't like subscriptions at all, myself, they give me weird feelings... luckily mine is free forever 😅

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