No Game No Life Zero made me cry, that movie is such an emotional rollercoaster.

Today I covered an anime song called “Aliez”!!


Always like to challenge the difficult ones lol

Also is just me or the mp3 version and wav version really do have a quite noticeable quality difference, even if just listen with basic earphones?
Anyway I attached both~


proxy_pass except it's for distributing which litter box my cat craps in

so yeah... the truth is... "real" hackers back then (1995) hated the movie....

... but somehow it became a favourite cult "hacker" movie most hackers now know and have seen -- but these days the film was more a comedy and for mocking 🤡🤡🤡👍

I'm somewhat interested in picking up VoidLinux, but I'm not hyped about learning yet another init system and package manager

Living in a new neighborhood is nice, except when the 3 municipalities it borders can't decide whose job it is to plow the streets so no one does

@sir @passenger @alex @6a62 @Kalvo i like the traditional version of russian roullette more

Woke up with a nasty sore throat this morning. Uhh being sick sucks

People says "Don't reinvent the wheel". You know... when your wheel doesn't work and it's so convoluted that it doesn't offer any kind of flexibility whatsoever, I find it easier to make my own wheel than have to spend hours trying to adapt to yours.
minio devs are scared shitless of a TWO LINE PATCH
"hey guys can we make this behavior available in a way that isn't shit?"
> you might wanna write your own project
"ok here's a patch" LMAO

Tis the season for getting chocolate mushed into every single article of clothing

Why does deluge 2.0, which has been updated to Python 3, still use .egg as it's plugin distribution format!?!?

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