I am not looking forward to going outside and unburying my car. Why do I still live in the midwest?

would be nice if having teeth was considered a basic right, too -- but no, they're luxury bones

Anyone have recommendations for plugin managers? Looking to drop oh-my-zsh (as wonderful as it is). Right now zplug is looking the best


is very much alive on SDF!

DJ @mnw has just mentioned how busy he was updating his Gopher Blog (a 'phlog')

Eat that WWW!!!!! 🔥

My boss says he doesn't blame me, considering I'm going to be working for a company that's making a quantum computer

Put in my two weeks notice today. Went better than I was expecting

They're putting frogs in the water to turn the frogs into frogs!

i let the hate in my core roll around my thoughts like the stray bullet i longingly consider nightly
Dan and i were once comrades, brothers in arms, we used to do a bit where he pretended to be an outraged customer who gets angry and punches me in the face. out of pity people would buy cars from me, this worked on upwards of 3 people a day
no matter where our paths lead, the friendship we forged is eternal
"sir if that's all there are many more people on the national suicide hotline"

I tell you that i have read the art of war and that it taught me a lot about business.
you ask me "isn't that about pre-5th century chinese military tactics that essentially have no specific application to even modern warfare and are essentially just stories about war?"
i tell you a bunch of bullshit about how it teaches you to understand your enemy very well, my enemy's name is Dan Olberg, the guy at the dealership across the street whose shacking up with my wife. i am silent for 20 minutes

it is 1996, i am a sweaty car salesman in a sports blazer. i am smoking a cigarette inside, my wife has left and took the kids with her, i am begging you to buy one of of my many pontiac trans ams that my boss was fooled into buying by my yugoslavian neighbor Rodavan who got out of the hague stuff on account of some very fortunate eastern european legal loopholes

Kero Kero Bonito is 100% better live. Wow that was the most fun I've had at a concert ever!

love how programmers exist in a self made hell

Taking recommendations for open source blob storage solutions

Aware of minio and ceph, not aware of their suitability relative to one another

One of my friends:

"Outlook has awful multi language support. I was writing an email in English but needed to include some status codes that were in Spanish. So outlook sees 6 Spanish words and 94 English ones and decided that I must want Spanish spellcheck and highlighted 90% of my email."

The Pixel 4 looks pretty nice. Still torn between a Pixel 4 or iPhone 11 Pro

Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

How does RedHat treat their solutions architects?

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