Thank you , if for nothing else, introducing me to OK Go

Does anyone have experience with 's laptops? How is the build quality?

After 3 weeks, I'm just now starting to get into my new job. Gotta say, I love the change of pace of a startup (coming from a bureaucratic hell-hole of a corporation)

Denver/Boulder are cool. The mountains as a backdrop are nice, but honestly it just feels like mid-January Madison

Good morning. The time is 6:49 AM, Central Standard. My friend @oneironaut is in need of about five respondents who would be willing to chat about their experience with social media, privacy, and Mastodon. He is sourcing information for his Master's thesis.

I can personally recommend a chat, as he is very kind and easy to speak with. He hopes to wrap up interviews by the end of the week, so if you feel like making a friend and having an interesting chat, send him a message!

I am quite disappointed my new Google Titan security keys do not support PKCS11 or really anything besides FIDO/U2F. Not even FIDO2.

At least they were free

Did you all know that from the site you can pull DJ posts (usually a playlist and a link to the audio recording from the archives) every after DJ's live show on aNONradio using the TAGS feature?

Say, U feel like listening to "AcidHouse", then you simply click "AcidHouse" and all posts by DJs that are tagged "AcidHouse" will come up.

What about genres that do not appear on the Tag list? No problem! Use the "Search" feature of the site (top right hand corner of the page)👍neat-O!

Here is a pre-filled Form 13909, just print it out, add your personal information, and mail it to the address listed on the bottom of the form.

Alternatively, this file can be opened with LibreOffice Draw to make edits and prepare your document digitally:

lodraw crash course: F2 + click drag to make a new text box, Ctrl+[ to reduce the font size to something reasonable, red icon in the toolbar along the top to export as PDF. You can send the document by email to

I made a tiny handwired keyboard, and now I feel like I can do anything

like holy shit i have "i play bass" in my bio

but like

do i play bass?


on occasion

not really


Welp another of my friend groups couples just got engaged.

Is this what it's like to be an adult?

The amount of people driving out in this thick fog without their headlights on is concerning.

I partially blame automatic headlights. Mine didn't come on because it's still bright enough to not trip the sensor

Linus Torvalds: Git is a distributed version control system, which means even if you lose a remote, you still have your local copy, so your code is safe, unlike centralized VCSes.

Developer Community: wut?

Microsoft: Hmm. How about you use our Visual Studio Online and push it to GitHub, both hosted on our computers, so that you don't have a local copy?

Developer Community: Yaay! Such innovation! Very cloud! Much wow! 🎉

Trump: Thou shall not use US services.

Developers: Where's my code? 😭


You'd think some privacy-minded fanatic would be all over it already, wouldn't you? The Conversations dev updates every three weeks, it seems, and busily adds to the XMPP standards. Where's that person for Apple's ecosystem?

なんダファック should be added to dictionaries

I am not looking forward to going outside and unburying my car. Why do I still live in the midwest?

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