NixOS wiki page about packaging:

NOTE1: If you have time, read Nix Pills first NOTE2: If you have even more time, read Nix manual to get familiar with Nix syntax NOTE3: If you definitely have lots of time, then read Nixpkgs manual

I laughed

I think it's time to go on a proper vacation. I want to leave the country, but I feel like that would be rather hard these days

The equivalent of ctrl-+ is missing from mobile browsers and sorely needed. I don't want to pinch zoom on half the page, I want to crank the font size and reflow the page so I can read all of it without side scrolling.

Hello fediverse, I’m back to barf my thoughts into the void again

birbsite crosspost 


For Bitcoin, the maximum transaction rate is something like four transactions a second, *globally*. And each transaction burns as much electricity as an American home does in four weeks.


Oh my gosh y'all Miniflux RSS reader is amazing! Keyboard Shortcuts, simple pages, accessible... And you can self-host it, but I just paid the $15 per year to just have my RSS stuff hosted on their servers.

I just got a $50 Amazon giftcard to “fix” a bad review of a product I bought. They want me to change it from 2/5 to 4/5. I’ll bump it up to a 3/5 because the thing was waaaay less than $50

It’s amazing to me how much people want to avoid the human element to versioning software. We spend a lot of time talking about how to automate as much of it away, when in reality the processes should be as simple as “dev creates commit with bumped version following rules XYZ” and hit the build + publish button.

✅ I use Arch btw
✅ There's an Emacs package for that
✅ Anime girl avatar

I may still be addicted to caffiene but ive only had like 300 calories so far today and a glass of iced tea but i am very AWAKE right now :cacoPog:
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