There were some peculiarities with setting up 9front on the Raspberry Pi, which were not covered in the (otherwise great) 9front FQAs, so I wrote up my notes in setting up on a Pi 3 B+.

Let me know if there are any mistakes or misconceptions there, I'm still feeling my way around here.

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@nf mmm org! Not specific to the Pi, but here are my general notes (some overlap with FQA):

@nf Nice. A lot of people snag on exactly these things, esp. the cmdline.txt. A few comments:

It's important to mention that cmdline.txt requires all parameters on the same line -- unlike the plan9.ini.

For boot time DHCP you simply omit any IP(v6) configuration from the NDB. The cpurc (termrc) script first tries pulling the config out of NDB, then falls back to DHCP. Simply have a sys= ether= entry for the machine.

@nf It looks as though I'm about a session ahead of you in setting up an rpi albeit with vanilla plan 9. All the same gotchas though. Great job with the notes. I guess your next step, is setting up a CPU server. Plenty to get wrong there, as I've just found. Again, some pi peculiarities, I think.

@broomhall oh nice! I intend to try it with vanilla as well and compare the two.

@broomhall I am about to setup a CPU+auth server on a Pi4. Do you have any notes on that?

I am planning to follow FQA and see how far that gets me and submit patches for things that I have to change differently.

My notes are here:


@vu3rdd @nf @khm I'll try to get them online later today. I'm using vanilla plan 9 so there is likely to be differences.

@vu3rdd @nf

My notes on setting up a vanilla Plan 9 CPU+auth server on a Pi 1B.

Super rough but it's enough to be able to drawterm in from another machine.

#plan9 #raspberrypi



I converted my 9front term install into cpu+auth. I made many random changes that I now don't recollect all of them to note it down.

Also, the sshfs that was working in the terminal is no longer working. Auth "says no key matches". I had added it into $home/lib/sshthumbs (probably 9front specific file). Going to read a bit about auth tonight.


There was a shortcut for the Pi's boot partition: 9fs pidos
9fs is a rc script, check it out!

Also, you can bind -a '#G' /dev to get access to the GPIO device files. I had to find that one from the sources.

Oh cool, thanks!
I don't have the pi with 9front with me to test at the moment, but I swear i checked lookman gpio and found nothing.

@abortretryfail @nf Yeah, it's not in either the 9front or Plan 9 source trees. I stumbled upon it while looking for something else!

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