Food Preparation with an Electric Drill 

Juicing a coconut.

For the travel micro-blog about nothing, an U-Bahn station about nothing

I don't know why my luggage was priority. I had no connecting flight to catch, I wasn't flying business class, I checked-in with plenty of time and there were few, if any, other bags checked (the overhead bins were, on the other hand, full).

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Again the train was late (the one I took and the later one I was scheduled to take). Also, I was overserved. O tempora, o mores! "What happened to German and Prussian precision?", I ask whilst seated in a French restaurant in Berlin.

Deutsch Bahn, thank you for your mobile app. It tells me alternatives so that I can still get to my destination despite the delays, for which there were several causes.

"Welcome in Croatia!"

The electrons in the shower handle want to be my friend. ,🔌😕

And I haven't even gone on my next trip yet and I've already started planning for the next one....

Less than 24 hrs at home, I started planning my next trip and, not having gone on that, started planning the one after that........

Tonight on Deep Space 9
Chief O'Brien spent fifteen hours explaining baseball with the prophets and getting nowhere but they ran out of the special effects budget and just solved everything with a meeting.

You never had any intention of starting boarding at the posted time, do you, Are Lingus?

Tonight on Star Trek
Spock can't leave well enough alone but the crypto market crashes and isolinear GPU prices return to normal

This time Uhura meets space nazis but they ran out of the special effects budget and just solved everything with a meeting.

"Pet me. Pet me, please." Was hiding behind the wall until I approached.

In this episode Dr. McCoy confuses an entirely logical race of brains in jars but also convinces Starfleet to let them go back to Risa.

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