The WiFi passwords at several places have been summer2021.

I'm not sure whether they had more printers, but I'm glad that LOT Polish Airlines at least had more pens...

The first restaurant experience in Tirana. I met someone from the Spanish consultant while waiting, who said he has been here several times. Fiscalization is such that one can get a copy of the receipt from the tax authority.

A public worker is using a rake of ties-up bush branches to gather leaves in a park.

I am going to file a delay claim with the travel insurance for the two packages of Twix and the tea. The stewardess asked if I enjoyed it and I was able to muster an affirmative nod. "Wonderful".

No grounds crew to let us off the jet in Munich. The Lufthansa crew have been very apologetic about delays. (Scheduled time was late, had to sit on tarmac waiting for engine to cool. Landed 13 min. late from revised schedule.) One said they are truly sorry, from the heart. They are much better at this than LOT Polish.....

Because of the "scheduled" delays, I missed my connecting flight. The two replacement flights are already starting to have delays.... :(

The claim is that there is luggage onboard for a passenger who did not board.

For operational reasons, we are returning to the gate. :(

I was deemed to not be worth saving. (Only I seemed to not have the individual safety video.)

A delayed flight—such that I'll miss my connection—and a gate change, but at least we have flight food (and not space or land food)!

Some people thought they could have one person wait outside while the others dawdled inside. The driver later told me about his trips to Vegas, $300 for the morning and $300 for the afternoon, win or lose. When I told him this is why we kept to the schedule, he gave me a first bump.

Dear LOT Polish Airlines. I've already learned your customer service is nearly non-existent, but it was nice of you to inform me of a flight delay. My connection, however, is shorter than the delay. What does this mean and why doesn't your website indicate that the first flight has been delayed?

Official summary of visa regulations for Albania. I guess with everything happening in Ukraine, I haven't been hearing the news from Afghanistan!

In a moment of levity, the Metra conductor announced, "Tickets!" (The trail consisted entirely of passengers from the Amtrak train; tickets were not required.)

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