Less than 24 hrs at home, I started planning my next trip and, not having gone on that, started planning the one after that........

Tonight on Deep Space 9
Chief O'Brien spent fifteen hours explaining baseball with the prophets and getting nowhere but they ran out of the special effects budget and just solved everything with a meeting.

You never had any intention of starting boarding at the posted time, do you, Are Lingus?

Tonight on Star Trek
Spock can't leave well enough alone but the crypto market crashes and isolinear GPU prices return to normal

This time Uhura meets space nazis but they ran out of the special effects budget and just solved everything with a meeting.

"Pet me. Pet me, please." Was hiding behind the wall until I approached.

In this episode Dr. McCoy confuses an entirely logical race of brains in jars but also convinces Starfleet to let them go back to Risa.

This time Chief O'Brien reminds everyone about the provisional government but actually is the reason why we love.

@newmanbe If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?

This dog has been running back and forth, as if it was playing fetch. It has no stick: there is no human interacting with it.

Heuston Train Station has a piano for one's amusement. It is currently being played.

First time on the Luas and I got controlled. I wasn't sure that they were controllers at first because the didn't do any controlling for a while. One started and the other two started themselves after a bit. I didn't think they'd get to me on account of the couple who required being ticketed.

I'd tell you how many times I need to use the key card to get to my room, but I don't think I can count that high.

I guess we aren't in Central Europe anymore.

"Please be mindful of our city center location within a residential area; we are adjacent to a community center with young children and ask that you wear appropriate attire when in view from a bedroom or kitchen/lounge window. We encourage you to have your bedroom curtains closed, when bedroom light is on."

Mr. Irish man, 2172, asked me if I recognized him. After looking at him a moment, I told him that I recognized that I still couldn't understand what he was saying.

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