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What does it mean when spotify only reccommends music you've already heard

Big companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, etc have forced users to go into arbitration to prevent costly lawsuits and as a condition promised to pay for the filing fees since they have a bigger entrenched advantage in arbitration than the users. And now the users have turned that against them by filing tens of thousands of times. This is magnificent. Fuck all these companies.

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who would win a 15 pound ball of fur or a loud ass sneeze

attention deficit disorder is a neurological condition wherein I'm forced to complete tasks that are boring and stupid instead of good and engaging

the value of my labor is being stolen! mods? mods??!??!??

You know that feeling when someones wants to talk to you about the news but you can guess what happened correctly and you haven't even watched the news in months

*me being statistically taller then most on the world and most people I see on a daily basis

My brain: What if you're not actually tall tho

@netscaler i hate asking / being asked that question unless its from a friend or someone who actually cares about my response

crumbled and ordered from the new italian place, ten boosts and i'll answer the door by yelling mamma mia

You ever say "How are ya?" to someone for the 100th time and just for a second your brain is like holy shit what if they actually answer with something other than "good"

The only other people I saw were a couple construction working. They were by some loud machinery and I needed to go right inbetween them. Just looked and pointed past them and the dude just nodded. It was 🔥

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Went for a walk downtown at 3 am last week. It was fucking great. There was no other person in sight. Seeing all those business's closed and dark with no one in their outdoor seating was a strangely calm experience.

be careful this pride month! some flags going around actually have some really bad connotations to them so i made this simple info chart for anyone who is confused and wants to know what flags to use. stay safe out there, and please RT for awareness!

Congratulations to Wall Street and the Military-Industrial Complex on another stunning win in an endless winning streak of US elections.

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I am proud to have been asked to be a US friend's Emotional Support Canadian.

Hey y'all been a year since I last tooted. I picked a hell of a time to come back

When you look around and don’t see anyone you respect, its time to leave.

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