Man things sure are getting bad hopefully things will start changing for the good soon


*Me coming back after weeks of absence and seeing all these new followers

I'm off to sleep. Thank you for being my companion during this night. anyway Here's a picture of my desktop.

tfw you accidently pick the wrong pandora station but it plays a good song anyway

I'm off to bed. Please don't burn anything while im gone okay? Here take this comfy cardigan for warmth. Goodnight you beautiful people

I'm so tired music doesn't sound good anymore. Time to sleep. Thank you for all that you did today qts. Please use me as your imaginary lap pillow~

Its been a while since a goodnight toot. Anyway, heres sleepytime. Don't be so hard on yourselves qts. Sometimes making it to the next day is hard enough. If you're here then thats enough

You ever have a strange dream that messes with your whole fucking day

You just wake up like wtf


tfw you trying to rub one out but you let a few memes slip into your porn folder

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