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as @fcambus points out, it's pretty easy to add some of your own snazzy ASCII art to the bootloader:

10.0 will have a little bit of fun ASCII art by default

Public Annual General Meeting: Saturday, May 21 2022, at 14:00 UTC, in the -agm channel on There will be various presentations about NetBSD, and a moderated Q&A session.

See you there 👋

PPPoE security advisory from yesterday 

A developer accidentally sent a PGP-encrypted announcement out by email, so here's the plaintext version:

The short version: If you're using a pppoe(4) interface, upgrade your kernel to the latest snapshot of 9_STABLE, 8_STABLE, or CURRENT.

If you haven't configured a pppoe interface, or don't know what this pppoe stuff is, you can safely move along.

UDF file system facts, part 2 

The NetBSD UDF driver is used on the PlayStation 4 and 5. Unfortunately bugs we fixed in the past have got in the way of people hacking their PlayStations. Sorry everyone. 😔

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UDF file system facts 

In 2021 we funded a fsck_udf command to recover corrupt UDF file systems, which was completed by reinoud@.

UDF's important because it's open and patent free. It's usually used on DVD/BR, but it can be used on anything else too.

It supports Unix permissions, unlike FAT. Unlike exFAT, it's patent-free for everyone, not just Windows and Linux.

Most OSes support UDF 1.02, but in NetBSD we support R/W up to version 2.60.

Consider formatting your shared drives with UDF. 😃

Running a build of some 20,000 packages with the version number set to 10.0. I wonder how many badly written scripts will break with the extra digit. 🤔

Since I’m getting a little attention, I should probably post my coffee mug too. To be honest, my only real exposure to so far has been the SDF, but I’ve been a fan for a long time 😊. Always happy to raise awareness.

Some statistics on what will become NetBSD 10.0 

Performance: Some benchmarks show 3x or more improvement over 9.0 on multi-core systems

Device drivers: 19+ new, 13+ significantly extended, 13+ removed (mostly non-Ethernet wired networking that's fallen out of use!)

Userspace programs: 5+ new, 20+ significantly improved, 1 removed.

Quality assurance: 2000+ new test cases, 2 new kernel sanitizers, several complete kernel-wide audits.

Time: Nearly three years 👍

wow, this really blew up. check out our soundcloud^W current branch

Very cool to see @netbsd here on SDF ! SDF is the largest NetBSD site in production and we've been running it since the 1.2 release while we were on DEC Alpha and currently on 9.x x86_64 Thanks to Eric Schnoebelen (RIP), Christos Zoulas, ryo (rsh), Masa Saitoh and ebijun as well as others for the support over the years!

Mastodon @ SDF

"I appreciate SDF but it's a general-purpose server and the name doesn't make it obvious that it's about art." - Eugen Rochko