Started to play the OrangPiZero with . Seems the wireless doesn’t get support yet? Ethernet works well though.

@encelado Yes, just include <sys/soundcard.h> and don't use O_NONBLOCK.

I was recently pointed to eMWM [1], the Enhanced Motif Window Manager. As a fan of traditional stacking wms, I decided to package it for . It's available in wip. Really lovely.
RoboNuggie made a nice review [2] of EMWM running on FreeBSD.


@ParadeGrotesque You can also add to /etc/rc.conf:


@pdt providing you have docs for the e-ink display, there's an i2c display driver already you could use as a base - ssdfb(4)

Public Annual General Meeting: Saturday, May 21 2022, at 14:00 UTC, in the -agm channel on There will be various presentations about NetBSD, and a moderated Q&A session.

See you there 👋

Finally found a decent way how to package Frogatto and Friends into pkgsrc. One step closer to making it as easy as 'pkgin install frogatto'.

@encelado @dressupgeekout Minetest! vvvvvv, OpenTTD.

Also, OpenMW, though I might be biased, Morrowind is my favorite game ever.

@ParadeGrotesque In the 2000s I'd say that this was true, but developers have decided that system package managers are frowned upon, so these days you get disasters like this:

as @fcambus points out, it's pretty easy to add some of your own snazzy ASCII art to the bootloader:

10.0 will have a little bit of fun ASCII art by default

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