Hey, I'm still using my Dell mini 9 Netbook from 2008! Runs fine with #OpenBSD/i386!

@netbsd @lanodan i only ran freebsd before the hug ban. haven't tried net or open bsds :blobcatmelt:

althou.. running old hardware runs in to a calculus of if its better to run a modern efficient processor* or an old box, or even run small slices of an uberserver.

*sadly with increasing amount of spyware "security" extensions
@icedquinn @netbsd It really depends on the hardware though and I think most people have no idea how absurdly power-hungry it is to manufacture a computer and how low-power some hardware can be, specially the old ones.

And the trend these past years has been making computers that you basically can't repair/replace/reuse/… like tablets, smartphones, …

The of course you have the software issue, I think decent software ought to run on modest 10+ years old hardware, but good luck on this, specially on devices stuck to proprietary software (again tablets/smartphones).
@lanodan android kind of does this with the higher end tablets. they can remain somewhat relevant for a long time.

GPUs are the real big shitter with old hardware. maybe once everything gets filtered to vulkan it won't suck as much.

or, i'm sure it will, somehow.
@icedquinn It's not really on relevancy for android, it's that if you get any issue, it's easily a fucking paperweight.
@icedquinn @netbsd @lanodan I've had some very old hardware that I was able to get netbsd running on. It'll run. That's cool. But it's extremely slow because you can't squeeze blood from a stone. What are you gonna do with a 33Mhz machine that eats as much electricity as a toaster you run 24 hours a day, yeah.
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