(Gosh Darn It! Now, I have to update all my NetBSD machines!!) 🤓


Flawless upgrade from 9.2 to 9.3!

Thanks to all the programmers, that was truly painless... 🤓

@ParadeGrotesque @netbsd this is a virtual machine. upgrades aren’t even supposed to exist….


And where is the fun in that?

Virtual machines are for testing stuff, break and rebuild - and especially testing stuff you can then launch on real machines.


bare metal machines today are not that common, since you get the ROI much better with virtualization.

When it comes to updates of bare metal, either you use a canary approach or a blue-green approach.

let’say it was a display of coolness.

@netbsd Glad to see the improvements to suspend and resume support and improved compatibility with UDF filesystems created on Windows 10. I'll have to give it a try on my laptop since up to 9.2 if I try to suspend to RAM on my laptop it just crashes instead.

@netbsd Also, when will NetBSD support 802.11n devices? It's kind of embarassing that they've been out for over a decade now and yet NetBSD still only supports a,b, and g.

@ND3JR @netbsd I feel like a lot of the BSD family is lagging behind in WiFi to lesser or greater degrees. I know it's something the FreeBSD Foundation is actively trying to fund to improve these days.

@ND3JR It's not "embarrassing", come on. We're a nearly entirely volunteer project with like 50k/year funding and about 70 active developers. Compare to the goliath that is the Linux Foundation...

Drivers are being converted one-by-one to support 11n by two developers as time allows on the src-draft branch on mercurial. A couple might be ready to test.

@netbsd It's emabarrasing from an advocacy standpoint. Having to tell someone who would otherwise use NetBSD on a laptop that their 11n WiFi devices most likely aren't supported is a dealbreaker for those people.

I'm glad to hear there are people working on this, though! I have a couple of 11n USB WiFi adapters that I wish were supported. What can I do to help make that happen?

@ND3JR Read the wifi renewal docs, write some code.

And that's not true, plenty of 11n devices are supported and work in 11g mode.

@netbsd I'm not much of a coder, so I guess that's out.

@netbsd This exchange did remind me that it's been too long since I've donated to the NetBSD Foundation. I've changed that. ;)

Also, what I had in mind was lending out my two 11n devices. I know your website used to have a place describing that but I can't seem to find it again.

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