Hardware support policies 

Our hardware support policy for our kernel has attracted the interest of some people making embedded hardware recently... that policy being, once hardware works, it's supported until it becomes unfeasible to do so, e.g. support is removed from the compiler. Maybe a good policy against e-waste? 🤯

When steps were taken to make the kernel work well on multi CPUs, it was done step-by-step allowing many old device drivers to co-exist in the non-multiprocessing world.

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Hardware support policies 

There isn't a policy that every device has to have a specific maintainer since that would be unfeasible for our project. Developers can work on any area of the system they choose, as long as they listen to feedback.

There's some exceptions - a recent example is support for very old non-Ethernet wired networking tech, where we were fairly sure no networks existed any more for testing. This had to go so the networking stack could improve, but not without discussion.

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