Ideas for safe self-isolation activities:

- get vaccinated, wear a mask indoors
- grow some plants next to a window
- go for a walk in a park
- install NetBSD on that old disused laptop or raspberry pi you have lying around

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@netbsd rPi shortage, sooo... Only that laptop remaining as an option ☺️

@peterk @netbsd

"Why the fuck did you remotely install netbsd on everybody's desktop?"

"uhm sorry boss, I had covid and last week kinda seemed like a blur..."

@netbsd That last one I did on a Raspberry Pi model B some time ago and it's been running like a champ for over a year. :flan_cool: :runbsdBg:

@claudiom @netbsd I've been meaning to stand #NetBSD up again on my 1B now that my 2B is running Linux.

Which I did, but for me the Laptop is not considered 'old'. Working very nice

I wish if i did figure out a way to make wifi work on my 400, which i don't feel i understand how to do atm and whether there's actually support 🤡

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