@joeo10 Yeah, I'm not happy at all that Twitter rolled out NFT profile pictures.

I don't want to see more from the "look at how much money I have" club that has gaming companies salivating over the markup on digital assets through exclusivity.

Hello Mastodon, I really should visit more often than when Twitter is down for me. 🙃

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Thew new Prince of Persia port to the Atari 8 bit looks amazing on the 576NUC+ too. It looks and moves as well as the Amiga version..at least it feels like it does. (the distortion is only visible in the GIFs, not looking at the actual screen).

Of course, with the new port they've got almost 30 years of programing technique refinement to bring to the port, so I'm sure that that's at least part of it.


I wonder how many people suffering from Facebook withdrawal came here? 😏

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One of my favorite handheld game systems of all time, the GP2X F100.

It's not just great because it's really good at emulating early systems (which it is), but because of the great, original homebrew stuff that came out for it. Many of these games are -really good!

@robdaemon Twitter says it wasn't a security breach or hack. Glad to see it working for me after stopping for dinner.

"We had some trouble with our internal systems and don’t have any evidence of a security breach or hack."

Twitter is down. At least this seems to be working in the event the outage is extended.

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Calling around on the IIe tonight.

No matter what you may have heard, the Apple II does ANSI just fine, as long as you use the right terminal program.

I usually use Agate, as seen here.


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Dialing out to Level 29 BBS with my TRS-80 model 100. (one-handed)

It would have looked better if I'd set the terminal window at the BBS end to 40x8 instead of 80x8.

I know better, but I'm so used to using 80 columns on Level29...


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BBSing with the TI99/4A tonight.

This was my first computer. It's been with me since I picked it up on closeout at K-Mart for $25. I got it new, the box, sometime in early 1984.

There aren't many other things I've ever owned that I've gotten this much mileage out of for near that price.

It's been augmented quite a bit in recent years.

It has an upgraded F18A video processor, which among other things, gives it VGA out and the ability to do perfect 80 column ANSI.

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I set most of this stuff up on this very machine, on this same Workbench installation, in the mid-1990s.

It didn't start off on the X-surf card..that came much later.

It originally connected to a FreeBSD machine and routed to the Internet over a SLIP link using the built-in serial interface.

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@paradroyd Am I behind on the latest news on Steam support in Ubuntu 19.10 or are you just forcing it to work?

Update on Steam, Ubuntu, and 32-bit support

"Following that announcement, we made a statement that Ubuntu 19.10 wouldn't be officially supported or recommended to our users going forward."


@48kRAM@oldbytes.space @jwildeboer

Update 10/24/19: We've heard your concerns and questions and have rolled back any changes to our Terms of Service.

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