David Ahl posts a public domain notice for his past works on Facebook.

Kay Savetz quote tweets:

"Creative Computing magazine, the BASIC Computer Games Books, all of David Ahl's other books and articles, everything copyrighted by Creative Computing Press — are all officially in the public domain."

@ne1for23 I’m kind of riled up over something I was speaking about with someone else so I’m a little salty…

I want this to be true, but can he do it? Does he own everything he wants to release? If he released something published under a book company whose property is still owned, how can he just declare it PD?


Riled up or not, I think all your questions are valid.

@ne1for23 @ultramagnus_tcv it all depends on the contracts he signed back then


BTW, Jeff Atwood is crowd-sourcing rewrites of these games in various modern languages. I've done a couple of Ruby versions and it's an excuse for a fun little hack.

@loke @suetanvil @ne1for23 It does say they wanted to target the "top 10" "general purpose scripting languages". Which is odd as I never thought C♯, Java, Kotlin or Rust was a "scripting language".

@loke @ne1for23

Also: Atwood has said in a number of issue threads that the point of this is to be an aid to new programmers so he's going with common, accessible languages.

That being said, there's nothing stopping you from forking the repo and adding APL, J, K, Scheme, and Haskell to it.

@suetanvil @loke @ne1for23 I haven't even opened a single file yet. Author seems to have a thing for one-letter file names, and in case that's not terse enough, one-letter directory names. Surely that's horrifying enough.

@n8chz @loke @ne1for23 AFAICT, they're writing K code in C. I don't know K well enough to know whether or not that makes sense.

@suetanvil @loke @ne1for23 Clearly does it with macros. Seems a.h is the master decoder ring, but these macros themselves are APL-level terseness.

@n8chz @suetanvil @ne1for23 It's a certain style of C. I kind of understand why an APL programmer would use it, but I disagree with using this style for C. I even wrote a blog post talking about it.

The gist of it is that for that style to make sense, you need to use a language which enables the style, and C is definitely not that language.

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