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I know I look like a right wing doomsday prepper but I'm all right, I promise

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Who am I? A person who is interested in FLOSS, multi-user computing and privacy. Let's go for a tag list (as I understand, CamelCase is best for screen readers):

youtube's recommendation algorithm is SCARY bad. It seems to be 100% intent on sandboxing you into watching the same shit over and over

If you haven't seen As Good as it Gets, check it out on Netflix. Superbly written and acted movie.

Instead of 'Good-for-nothing', try saying 'Sentaŭgulo.'

I wish the zero was at the other end of the number row on my keyboard

Director Hall consistently refuses to give any kind of policy recommendation (as he should). However the CBO does produce a document outlining dozens of options for reducing the deficit, both on the spending side and the revenue side.

In case anyone would like a non-politicized version of the deficit debate.

The congresspeople (as usual) try to rile everything up, take credit for positive things in the report, and blame the other side for negative things. Director Hall does a good job of giving a balanced and measured view of things.

CBO Director Keith Hall is my favorite public servant to watch give testimony. I look forward to the hearings on budget and economic outlook.

Small things that brighten my day:

Rappers saying things like

kno dat

Still poppin y'all collars?

Then a cute-ass picture of K dot

Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel. - Eleanor Brownn

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I keep forgetting to describe my images for the visually impaired... 😔

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As a structural steel nerd, I feel somewhat out of place among the types of nerds you find around the Fediverse and SDF

Yes of course a note on the form instructing users to enter correctly formatted input was the best solution.

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