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Helping daughter with her math homework, this one stumped me for a bit.

Friday night and I am exhausted. This is me Thursday night after international office hours. Fun weekend ahead with Robotics kickoff tomorrow and a hike planned for Sunday.

Helping cover for a colleague's duty. Quiet with so few students on campus.

While replacement temple tips are on the way from China, shrink tubing makes a decent temporary fix.

Got in some volleyball with Charlotte. Good to sweat a little. Getting better at hitting.

My potato plants are doing well, need to build another planter box now that I received a lot of good soil from a friend.

Students arrived back for school, dining hall is back in operation. Yay!

Helping a friend move into his first home. Congrats Chris!

Been trying to work through Griffiths with a friend who is simultaneously teaching himself calculus, with a weak math background. Slow and painful going, as you might imagine, but also forces me to slow way down so that's good.

Kids started school this week, seem to be doing well, impress me with how independent and capable they are.

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Took a jaunt through the new school building construction site this evening, on a backdrop of hazy smoke drifting in from various California fires.

I think my Yahoo account might be my only active ("active") online account older -- 1997 -- than my SDF account -- 2001.

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