Made waffles and bacon for the fam before this year's Christmas shopping trip.

It wasn't closed, that's just the back side of the sign. Negative result came back in less than 24 hours. I probably had a regular flu.

Spent the afternoon making tortilla and gazpacho to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, and because I was hungry.

Excited for when the new school buildings get finished next year. Will be the first time in my career when I finally have my own classroom.

Did a little rock climbing, a little exploring today in Wheeler Gorge.

Helping daughter with her math homework, this one stumped me for a bit.

Friday night and I am exhausted. This is me Thursday night after international office hours. Fun weekend ahead with Robotics kickoff tomorrow and a hike planned for Sunday.

Helping cover for a colleague's duty. Quiet with so few students on campus. Very interesting! With a performance by the inimitable Nahre Sol, thought got sidetracked half-way through to check out Anuja Kamat's channel... Great stuff.

While replacement temple tips are on the way from China, shrink tubing makes a decent temporary fix.

Got in some volleyball with Charlotte. Good to sweat a little. Getting better at hitting.

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