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Non-trademarked fully unlocked fork of Mattermost® 

Why ?
1. Unless you buy an "enterprise license" even simple features like channel ownership are disabled (anyone can delete any channel)
2. Licenses are sold per-head so it's unusable for a public server
3. While the code is OSS, their trademark policy doesn't allow anyone to use their name in a fork
4. Unlike projects like Chromium, their trademark is all over their codebase
Tried to reach out, got no response.

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‘The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour - Live Mix by snowdusk on #Tilderadio - Ep 035 - 2020/08/19’

#80ssynth #NewWave #80s #live #DJ #nowplaying #np

Thank you so much to all those who tuned in and who socialized with us on IRC during the live show 🙏


00:56 Rockwell - Obscene Phone Caller (1984)
04:21 Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Massive Retaliation (1986)
09:01 Ultravox - Mr X (1980)
15:15 Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (1982)
19:35 Art of Noise - Paranoimia (1986)
24:01 Hall & Oates - Out Of Touch (1984)
27:53 Bananarama - Cruel Summer (1983)
31:17 Videosex - Videosex (1984)
34:22 Magazin - Kokolo (1983)
37:54 Haddaway - What Is Love (12" Mix) (1992)
43:50 Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin (Disco Mix) (1987)
50:44 The Smiths - Panic (1986)
52:52 The Twins - Deep Within My Heart (1985)
56:44 Howard Jones - Things Can Only Got Better (1985)

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**Lebanon's Gov't Resigns Amid Public Rage over Beirut Blast, But Protesters Demand Structural Change**

"After days of protests, Lebanon's government has resigned following the devastating explosion at the Port of Beirut that killed 200 people and injured thousands. The port blast, the source of which was 2,700 tons of highly explosive ammonium nitrate left unattended in a warehouse…"

#news #bot

@connyduck Is that genuine palladium metal? There's an element I thought was useless. :D

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@Felthry @rey The original i think is from "Alice the fox" on YT.
Timestamp ~2:35

Their channel has lots of videos of that fox.

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BREAKING: The EU's Court of Justice has just invalidated the "Privacy Shield" data sharing system between the EU and the US, because of overreaching US surveillance.
All details available here:
#PRISM #FISA702 #Privacy #PrivacyShield #SCCs #GDPR #cjeu

@defrisselle Uh oh. Looks like his sensitivity training may not have worked...

@snowdusk What is the correct schedule for your show on tilderadio? I looked here, but instead of you, I heard Amy Goodman.

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Let's forget racist witches. I found this cool animal while I was looking though
What's that slimy blob in Vancouver's Stanley Park?

@evilscientistca @jasper So, is this done on the camera, or afterward? Sounds like something you have to do on the camera itself...

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Wow, what a great return of DJ @snowdusk at his new digs on with "The Intergalactic Wasabi HOUR"! Looking forward to future shows on there, especially since I now have Irssi properly configured to connect to IRC. 👍

!! ✨
!! ✨
🎧 🎧

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mads’ thread about certain people (read: amab queer ppl) being viewed as predatory for simply existing around children, or for wearing leather/PVC around children, brings up a really important topic not often discussed:

not discussing sex and sexuality is actively harmful to children’s development.

I teach children about sex and sexuality for a living. That is my full-time job. I am a sex educator, and I spent 40hrs a week discussing sex with underage people. Let’s talk about it.

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