@snowdusk@tilde.zone What is the correct schedule for your show on tilderadio? I looked here, but instead of you, I heard Amy Goodman. tilderadio.org/schedule/

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mads’ thread about certain people (read: amab queer ppl) being viewed as predatory for simply existing around children, or for wearing leather/PVC around children, brings up a really important topic not often discussed:

not discussing sex and sexuality is actively harmful to children’s development.

I teach children about sex and sexuality for a living. That is my full-time job. I am a sex educator, and I spent 40hrs a week discussing sex with underage people. Let’s talk about it.

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Help protect one of our times greatest heroines - let's pay for 's court fines of $256,000,- :


1.8K people already donated $72,547 - in much less than a day!

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Movement Through Thought on starts in 30 minutes. The show is live every Friday at 06:00 UTC (that's 10 PM Thursday west coast USA time).

Some drum & bass tonight. Half-time, minimal, and some old '90s tunes at the end. I'm going to play five or six awesome tracks from Om Unit's label Cosmic Bridge.

Listen at anonradio.net/ .

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Greetings, friends & allies in the Fediverse....

Tonite during aNONradio.net's OpenMic I will be streaming a special!


Gary Lewis & the Playboys were an American 1960s era pop and rock group, fronted by musician Gary Lewis, the son of comedian Jerry Lewis. They are best known for their 1965 Billboard Hot 100 number-one single "This Diamond Ring", which was the first of a string of hit singles they had in 1965 and 1966.


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two fans seized in the aNONradio server. luckily we had spares.

Hi, DJ Music Squirrel & World Music Show fans! Because of logistics we're going to have to take some time off after DJMS's 50th show *finally* airs. (This week or next.)
We'll be back for certain at some point. @snowdusk_ @greg@animal.church @tomasino @gemlog ...everyone else whose Mastodon nicks I can't recall right now.

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Hey, World Music Show fans. We have to do one more show from the archives this week because of DJ Music Squirrel's violin recital today. We'll be back live next week with the 50th show! 50th!

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Great question on HN today: "What can a coder do to help combat climate change?"

The responses are all pretty lame, though. What ideas do you have? What groups are doing something tangible where volunteer coding could help?

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From the NYT:
"Before it leaked, EternalBlue was one of the most useful exploits in the NSA’s cyberarsenal. [...], analysts spent almost a year finding a flaw in Microsoft’s software [...] it went on to become a reliable tool used in countless [...] missions.

EternalBlue was so valuable, former NSA employees said, that the agency never seriously considered alerting Microsoft about the vulnerabilities".

A. Use Microsoft? Get hacked.
B. Why do anyone trust the NSA?

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Kenya's High Court has chosen to uphold colonial-era laws that criminalize gay sex. Three judges said that the laws in question did not target the LGBTQ community.

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"You're allowed to be passionate and want a fair wage," says Samantha Hines, a graphic design student, who says that in her industry, "passion" is often used as a code word for exploitative conditions. @KQED

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