@sir Very happy to see the plan9 shout out, and congratulations on another year.

@sir I've been finding that there is usually only 1 great show that comes along every couple seasons. I think that show recently has been Kakushigoto without a doubt, especially if you are a fan of Kumeta's style of comedy as seen in SZS and Joshiraku.

@sir @neauoire @lanodan I would tend to agree in terms of programability it can be a bit difficult dealing with just the drawing primitives, there was some effort to start to abstract some of it for more of GUI style lib but it was never finished. Although I think the general way that the graphical programs are designed(especially with rio's windows having a special way of treating input lines and mouse cording) is perhaps some of the strongest parts of plan9.

@sir I think the issue with shell scripts is that a lot of the people writing them don't understand the power of their everyday UNIX tools, and thus look for solutions as they would in $language instead of making use of what the shell is there for in the first place.

@sir Definitely the best song on that album, this was a favorite of mine to put one while walking through a snow covered campus.

For those interested in hosting gemini content on plan9, I recently worked on a small program to generate atom feeds fit for gemini's CAPCOM aggregator. You can find it here: git.sr.ht/~moody/atom/

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@sir Being open source is a great benefit, thank you and the contributors for making a great systems :)

@sir If you're interested in running gemini in plan9 there is some work done already.

A gemini server written in rc.

A gemini client for plan9:

@sir I'd say they're worth a check out if you enjoy stuff in the similar vein as some of lamazeP's work. If a bit more upbeat.

Just pre ordered two of the new touhou fumos to keep some of the 9front servers company.

I wonder why inetd fell out of favor in the UNIX realm. Being able to write a network service using just stdin and stdout is very comfy.

I wrote a little rc gemini server inspired by rc-httpd for 9front.

@royniang@merveilles.town @glenda There are some docs on compiling go from source for 9front using the go bootstrap: docs.a-b.xyz/building-go.html. If it is useful you can also cross compile from a UNIX system using GOOS=plan9

@nf 9front should support most models of the PI(1-4). You can find information on how to build the ISO files on the 9front fqa: fqa.9front.org/ There are also Millers PI but I have less experience with those.

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