Very happy to see plan9 going around on mastodon. Excited to see what people start to make with it. For those looking for a fork, I highly recommend starting with 9front, being the most actively developed and best documented.

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@moody sounds (and looks) super interesting :)
does it works on any computer? there is a package manager?

It will work with any reasonable virtual machine software and runs greats on thinkpads. There is no package manager and with the smaller selection of software its better to build from source. Its best to not come to 9front expecting all of your UNIX/Linux programs but to instead learn how plan9 solves the problems its own way.

@moody ok, go it! It's what I expected :)

what is the language used to make software on it? C? or something else?

@neauoire @moody
I'm trying to install plan9 on virtualbox machine, but this is all I got :(

@rez @neauoire @moody

VirtualBox seems to be rather flaky in my experience and the FAQ says so too, but maybe you can get it to run with the hints here:

I did now 🙈
it worked finally, I guess my main mistake was that I set memory too low, I missread the units :D

@moody Also the most actively used. Very important for getting community support when bugs and other troubles get in the way. just let me know when it has a basic webbrowser, doesn't have to be nothing fancy.
something on par with lynx should do.

@loganer there is mothra and some recent work has been done on porting netsurf. Both should work for your use case. will have to plop it onto my testing laptop and give it a spin then.

@moody second life for Plan 9 and Haiku os on The Federation ?

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