9front now ships with support for Korean Hangul in the default font.

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the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that you shouldn't have to learn anything to use a computer

For those interested in hosting gemini content on plan9, I recently worked on a small program to generate atom feeds fit for gemini's CAPCOM aggregator. You can find it here: git.sr.ht/~moody/atom/

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Just pre ordered two of the new touhou fumos to keep some of the 9front servers company.

I wonder why inetd fell out of favor in the UNIX realm. Being able to write a network service using just stdin and stdout is very comfy.

I wrote a little rc gemini server inspired by rc-httpd for 9front.

Very happy to see plan9 going around on mastodon. Excited to see what people start to make with it. For those looking for a fork, I highly recommend starting with 9front, being the most actively developed and best documented.

Kill Me Baby otomads are unique part of the internet that I find quite charming.

I would love to see more full 3DCG anime. Hoseki no Kuni really proved the great looks you can achieve with it. I hate to see it be relegated to filling in the gaps of digital animation. Using it like that just makes it look jarring.

mmorpgs are their own unique type of addiction. I've really been enjoying my time with old school runescape this summer.

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I was talking about this last night throughout my replies but I reckon it ought to be posted outright:


dynamic linking bad

static linking good

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Migrated nightly 9front ISO build system to use new hardware. Did some namespace tricks to have the builds happen on a dedicated drive.

Display driver issues result in some wonky color pallet changes

Had a 2009 mac pro desktop fall in to my lap today. Was very excited to see that 9front boots on it with almost no problems.


Comiket episodes are the best. They seem to portray the magical feeling quite well.

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