@tomasino @xmanmonk @cosullivan @gemlog Do you have any tips on how to stay in touch? Or foster friendships when you aren't in person?

@gael I'm in the USA is there anyway I can order a fairphone from the /e/ store? Is it ok to use a freight forwarding agent? Thank you so much for all your work!

@xmanmonk @cosullivan @gemlog i've never lived anywhere very long. My last stint in PA was the longest single stretch at 7 years. Most places have been ~2 years.

There are some people that are really good at being friends when you are in-sight and top-of-mind, but completely fail when you're away. I try to treasure those friendships in their time and not let them be spoiled by the now.

There are others that surprise me. Some people who were only acquaintences in person but have gone on to be lifelong companions because they're better at putting in the effort to stay in touch.

I guess with all this I'm trying to suggest you not take it as a personal slight against you. If one or two stick around that's fantastic.

@NOCARRIER@hackers.town I wish I could remember the speaker's name but at Texas Linux fest a few years ago the keynote was about building communities. That's when I first realized that not all online communities were friendly and some were actually toxic. good luck! I wish you all the best in this journey

@Gina I have been watching Shoujo / slice of life / romancey anime. The one I'm hooked on right now is called Chihayafuru and it's about some friends who play karuta a game / sport that is based on memorizing 100 poems. <3

@snowdusk @trebach@tilde.zone @goossbears Oh my I had no idea that they wiped out your archives! :WHYYYY: that seems petty. :( I'm sorry

@NOCARRIER@hackers.town This is so true. I think I see this topic at every FLOSS conference I ever go to. I saw this guide opensource.guide/building-comm

Neofeud is a cyberpunk adventure game about social, racial and economic inequality, police murder, and the prison/military/police-industrial complex, made by a broke-ass social worker/gamedev (me!)

@Capheind depends on if you want to allow others to sign up and have accounts, and how many other instances you're going to federate. I would look for an instance that is about the size you want to be and ask them maybe... ? I'm fine using sdf's for now but there seem to be several options out there.

Snowdusk is on.


I need say nothing more!

Pls join me in the Intergalactic Wasabi Hour livestreaming on #Tilderadio in 15 minutes! 0100-0200 UTC/9-10 PM EDT 🙏

To tune in go to:



point your media player to:

radio.tildeverse.org/radio/800 (or radio.mp3 if .ogg does not work)

and dont forget to hangout with us on IRC! Go to tilde.chat for instructions 🎶

#SpaceDisco #ItaloDisco #HiNRG

I always thought it was that XMPP gives us a lowest common denominator, similar to email. Like you can at least expect everything to say hi to each other. Kind of a bummer that it isn't that cut and dried.

So... how do I accept follow requests if I dont automatically allow them... the link in my email just goes back to my web interface :S 😢

Want to feel the beet without getting dirt on your feet? Tune into the first new Creative Commons Valence Electron show in a few years. This episode is live on and I'm hoping to get going on again soon.

Tune in at 0:00 UTC; that's in just about an hour from now ( 1900 Austin Texas Time )


I'm just trying to chase my broadcasting hero @snowdusk who has his show at 01:00 UTC.

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