Want to feel the beet without getting dirt on your feet? Tune into the first new Creative Commons Valence Electron show in a few years. This episode is live on and I'm hoping to get going on again soon.

Tune in at 0:00 UTC; that's in just about an hour from now ( 1900 Austin Texas Time )


I'm just trying to chase my broadcasting hero @snowdusk who has his show at 01:00 UTC.

Today I went to a small store with the sign anime pop over it. Holy cow! I'm going to spend way too much there. Bought an all might wall hanging a misuko from inuyasha keychain and a manga. It was weird because I am never too open about anime in real life.

My friends love their cat so much they even got a blanket with art if the cat on it and use it for a curtain.

Omg this manga is too wholesome and heartwarming!

Ojisama to Neko (Title) - MangaDex

The heartwarming tale of a cat who wants nothing more than to be loved and the old man who adopts him. 2nd place of Tsugi Manga Awards, Category Webmanga Polish / Polski: Poruszająca historia o kocie, który pragnął tylko odrobinę miłości i jego właścicielu.


First shows of the year! theater and at the Buzzmill :-). It started raining contrary to weather reports so fingers crossed the route home stays clean and clear.

I couldn't figure out which sensor was my CPU sensor based on the sensors command output. I installed psensors and thankfully it's detailed info gave me the lmsensor device name for the element I was needing. Now that Conky finally shows the correct temperature I can go to sleep ha!

The afternoon belongs to holiday card writing. Fueled by local vegan cupcake and cold brew! :-)

Live stand up comedy rules. It’s so damn funny and it’s exciting. You should enjoy it whatever city you’re in.

What an exciting winter. Got to go to Lisa conference and SeaGL. I wonder where LibrePlanet will be in 2020. Anyone got any tips on learning emacs? Also here’s a bear I found at a bar

time! I got to make it in before I had to go back home ! Yay! Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery.

after party coloring station was a blast! Thank you whoever put that together. It really helped.

Contending with our culture of Discouragement from Michael Dexter was short and powerful.

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