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Understand I never thought I’d be here CALLING THE FUCKING POLICE ABOUT A NIGHTCLUB IN LY COMPLEX, but here we are see - L’histoire de Stompy McStomper | Redacted Identity by OH.MG

I live less than 500 metres from a massive police station, and here we are 4 hours in to upstairs’ 3rd party of the season until JE NE SAIS QUAND DU MAT FUCKIN BORDEL and none of these fuckers can be bothered to show up

Round 2 of doom scroll replacement, I searched “macintosh” on and got some good content out of it

Adios Facebook | Redacted Identity by OH.MG - I wrote a thing about what I do with my phone, and why doom scrolling is no longer part of it

This is the new setup, hidden some work and financial things, but trying to cut the screen time on some of the web (although I do need to keep Chrome for work)

I’m probably going to write a post to Redacted.ID for this, but tl;dr I’ve deleted a bunch of apps on my phone and moved out Chrome as the browser

I went to boot up my old Macintosh PPC, it seems to be running but these modern monitors won’t display. I could have sworn I got it to work once, but that’ll be a weekend project

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Forever Distracted | Redacted Identity by OH.MG - “Drag and drop to cloud providers and have some other external service parse that, meh, fun for a couple minutes at best.”

I hate this part of the night, where I have so many bright ideas but far too tired to put them in to action

The Hell of Dating Apps | Be Gay, Do Crime by OHM.GAY - “The internet sucks boys and there is no way in hell I’m downloading Tinder.”

Inexplicably twitter decided to remove my homepage address from my profile. No warning, just happened

This might be a long shot, but my cat is on a treatment this week which needs her to take a pill. Tonight she’s very much decided she’s no longer tolerating it and I’m struggling to get the thing down her throat. Anybody got tips ?

As I’m working on reorganising everything OH.MG (I wrote about it), I’ve actually managed to really screw up the Gopher server. My concept didn’t play out so well 😅

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it's only apocalypse if it comes from the greek island of ogygia, otherwise it's just sparkling collapse

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