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2021 found another way to be horrible at the very last moment Betty White, veteran actress who starred in The Golden Girls, dies shortly before 100th birthday

Can’t go anywhere without doing one of these, great times with Omicron 🙄

Merry Christmas to all!I tell you from heart, not like those chain messages that is only copied and paste without seeing what is being sent.They are the best youth basketball team of all Guadalajara.A hug.Merry Christmas and Happy 2005🌲 ♥

It’s Christmas or something, but here I am installing a potential home email server if I can get the server installed and to use an external drive for storage. If it works, I might switch away from the 35GB I get with ProtonMail to the 550GB I can get on my own hardware

The guy upstairs really needs to invest in carpets, or at least not wearing shoes in the house

At minimum not slamming doors

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"You can't take this; your inventory is full"

But for rich people in real life

I have been doing many things except maybe writing on my journal

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Hey, SDF Matrix users: the server seems to be unreliable, and membership is working to bring it up, but maybe it's too heavy of a service and we should consider alternatives?

IMO it's a shame because the Element client is great and the support for images is the best of all distributed chats. But maybe we should consider moving back to XMPP/IRC? Or pitch in some donations for a beefier server at SDF?

What do you think? I wouldn't want to lose the awesome community we were creating there

Is there anybody out there who knows much about leafnode? I’m trying to work out how to get the filter file to work, and remove posts from googlegroups

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If you consider that the world wide web was developed at CERN, they kinda already did open a portal to hell.

I need to figure out how I can do this at the high firewall level, but without having to manually enter thousands of IP ranges by hand

Saturday is clean up day, so I blocked all of Bezos’ IP ranges from my Web server. Trash connections from AWS is what it seems to be doing alot

I didn’t believe the yee haw attitude of quarantine protocols in Promethius and Alien Covenant. But Covid happened and it makes sense now

Speak of the devil and she’ll materialise to have a 💩

I live in an apartment that is just shy of 30m2 and yet somehow I’ve lost my cat in here. She has this ability to vanish and the intelligence to get away with a murder

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