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In other news, my electric went up three times in the last two months, but am I here with the Aircon on 24/7, you fuckin’ bet

I technically quit smoking, just don’t ask me how many of these I’ve got through

Update. He’s rolled out of bed to drop a turd, anyways guess I’ll be haunted by thoughts all night and the stench from the litter 👍

Having one of those shitty nights, brain focusing on the 💩, cat curled up on bed with me. Trying to focus on his soft fur (+ he’s taken half the bed) and purge my mind. Cats solve everything

Anyways, I obvs had to dispose of the thing but at least it’s looking like this small part of Paris won’t be seeing the usual summer time rat realness

My cats are pretty hilarious sometimes, the older one got the younger one to flush out a rat for him. Then he took off with it after the younger one basically did all the leg work

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If you didn’t feel old, you will now - Sailor Moon at 30: Looking Back at the Iconic Series

I finally got all my sites out of one text repository. Tonight, two years late, I work on getting the Gopherhole mirroring the available content in .txt form

I’ve started to upload my photo albums to a self-hosted photo system.

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Please remember that “carbon footprint” is a bullshit concept devised by fossil fuel companies to shift responsibility for climate change away from companies and on to individuals
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