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Kind of proud of the new site, you don’t notice much (maybe except all the permalinks have changed). Swapped over the content on the Gemini server, web server is happening shortly.

I’m going to try and totally rebuild my web / gemini site today. Wish me luck, it could be a total disaster

Haven’t updated the content on my site for a month or so, but did I just add a mailing list subscribe box and some ASCII Art. Obvs yes

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What fedi software are you using right now?

:boost_rainbow: for larger audience pls

Today I was a cas contact for the first time, as if COVID isn’t done with us, contrary to what the French government seems to think as they desperately try to get re-elected 🤷‍♂️

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Jarod and Samy have been here for a week now, and today is the first proper lazy day we’ve had. They’re at least settled in now

I’m fed up with the state of the internet now. I just blocked incoming HTTP/S + Gemini ports from my home set-up because yet again bots have taken down my servers. Fuck them and fuck the people who are actively ruining the internet (and Zuckerberg)

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Hey @fitbit awesome product you have there! Love how the Ionic can apparently can start fires and the Versa 2 screen just dies 🤩

For anybody wondering the follow up to the CDG problem. No direct way to Paris, had to take a rail replacement, and it took two and a half hours to get home 🤷‍♂️

and’s website is kind of down cos a small problem setting up the CDN

Unable to parse record: Internal error happened. because CF won’t do AXFR

Trying to move zone files from CF to elsewhere is no fun

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