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Yey I did it (and all the links are broken cos I did it all fixed like)

Trying to work out how I push OH.MG into the IPFS sphere, still barely any idea but I’m getting there

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FOSS (Forced Open Source Software)

:pirate_flag: stolen from someone who didn't add alt text :pirate_flag:

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I’ve done it, well most of it, the BBS’ domain has been changed to and next step is to get the static site hosting working (gotta do a ftp server) and kiln to run on a crontab

I need to plan things better, I trigger purchased a domain, set it up, changed my mind, and now I have a better idea what I want to do with it so I have to change everything now🤷‍♂️

I had to shutdown the BBS server for about 15 minutes, something has started to seize a connection with the modem again

Ô.LU has also been updated, not sure when that’ll go live though

Five weeks later, my ISP got their shit together and I can say that OH.MG is back !

In the sea of bad news, there is good. When I setup the BBS machine in the new flat, the modem started to respond again, if the internet comes back then dial-up service can resume

Every so often I hear about the Drop Bear, today more than once

Pour une raison inconnue @freebox ne semble pas pouvoir se connecter à mon internet. Je vis au milieu de Paris, pas au Mont Everest (@freemobile nous devons parler de votre couverture 4G)

I love it when @free just not tell me shit and I get a surprise 🥰 “Accusé/Réception de la commande de votre ligne validée par Free Optique La commande a été refusée” + “25/09/2021 Le ticket ouvert auprès de l’assistance technique le 08/09/2021 a été fermé.”

I’ve been left without Internet for three weeks, two failed installs, and one again on Friday that’ll probably be another fail 🤷‍♂️

The part that really got me is when I pushed them to at least get the ADSL switched on, I was told they didn’t want to send 2 sets of technicians

OK, awesome, so you get to fuck around, but if I ask for something it’s rude 🙄🖕

More glorious fun with Free today, they showed up to install then vanished without telling me. Still no internet

Only problem with that is sometimes the sound becomes desynchronised and it’s absolutely weird to watch

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