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Only problem with that is sometimes the sound becomes desynchronised and it’s absolutely weird to watch

I’ve also improvised TV, streaming from a laptop, HDMI cable out, then use bluetooth to connect to my non-responsive Freebox Delta (because lolz étape 2) for sound

Things are much more settled now with the lights on, still running of 4G, but at least I don’t need to worry about my battery dying :D

Oof, so they came to install the fibre to find out what shit fuckery another company pulled to make it “fibre ready”. Spoiler, it’s not

No longer will I have to live by candle light, for I finally have electrcity in my house

Kaja has been pretty chill about the situation today considering, I’m not exactly pleased though Enedis forgot to give me electric 🙄

Her tempertantrums are the part of this whole affair I was dreading the most, and I haven’t even got to the point of putting a single thing in a box (let alone her) before crazy spice comes out

Agency forgot we had the état des lieux to do so all postponed to this afternoon. Started to get some of Kaja’s things ready, and holy shit she’s fucking raging. Sat in the corner hissing and taking shots for moving her little bed to the side

The things I’ve just had to do to get internet access tonight is a fucking joke, I’m running on the most hobbled together shit fuckery of a connection, and no jokes I had to tape my phone to the ceiling to get this

Hooray, my Internet has been cut off a week early. Merci Free 👏

I don’t know why, but I really hate the word “automagically”

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Got my SDF mug!! It's a surprisingly full-featured container.

"You see this cup? This is literally my favorite cup." (

At some point in the next 2 weeks I need to take down OH.MG for a couple days as I physically move the servers to a new location

and of course we have Kaja, she gets enraged about me moving things and cleaning up. So I have to move her first in to an empty flat, stay with her for a while to get comfortable with the new place, then start moving things

I found, got accepted by, and will be signing for a new appartement next week. I haven’t physically moved a single thing and I’m already exhausted by this experience

I did not realise the perfect flat exists until I’ve seen it last night, now I must live there.

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