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I’m working on a thing but my brains aren’t braining hard enough to make thinks to put up there

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Obviously one of my neighbours is throwing a lockdown house party

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Urgence sanitaire and urgence attentat at the same time, 2020 the year that needs to slow the fuck down

Tua madre fa una pizza terribile and other interesting things about your mum

State Required Bedtime - I get it, we’re all done with COVID-19

Moved the BBS website to gemini with some HTTP2Gemini voodoo, now mirroring the content over on the gopher server at

I’m in that I want to do things, but I’m far too tired to get them done stage. And it is annoying

I caved and bought a new TV to replace my long lived one that passed away recently

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It’s 45 minutes to state required bed time and I’m far enough from my house to start to panic about the speed of this bus

Update : no sirens, Macron / Hildago disappoint again

Also today is not my day, left late for lunch, métro was stuck two stations away making me ultra late, I then sprayed coca zéro all over my bed which is now drip drying outside in the cold, and said laundry dripped on my cigarette ruinning my moment

Curfew starts in 38 minutes and I will be thoroughly disappointed if the government don’t indicate it using the sirens 😂

My gemini server decided to crash out today, but it’s back online. Huzzah

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