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@cosullivan Also, if you miss USENET, @orbifx has a server of their own that doesn't federate with the greater USENET, so it's a quiet little space.

Started to watch Siempre Bruja on Netflix, incidentally Netflix France is going full on Latinoamérica right now.

Finally the script is starting to slow down it's username password combo enough to grab a decent screen cap.

If you ever want to test your tolerance limits, stop smoking amid chaos.

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Ooooh boy has gone insanely rightwing since the last time I was on there.

Checking up on my old account, a hundred "Your Account has been hacked" emails and one actually got the password correct (oops).

Now trying to change my password there and I remebered I have a National Capital FreeNet account as well which I probably need to change.

Times were simplier with

Ugh I got tempted in to putting my web server back up. After all the web presence indecision, throwing back up the original website was the winner.

Most of the links go elsewhere anyways, it's not the most fantasic website but it'll do.

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I'm thinking of giving the dataforge network a shot, but I'm also trying to work out how exactly I plan on integrating it in to the BBS. It might take some backwards actions to facilitate it since we're talking Windows here. I fear it could require a crash course in and

And before you ask, the account is set up with literally zero access on the system, security profile is nil, account is locked out and time of day login is set to no days and hours. The profile also is restricted on the SMTP server (if they ever find the back end port that is) and other internet facing ports.

I'm getting fairly pissed off with the number of shady ass terrible script kiddie action happening on the old telnet ports.

So I'm starting to create accounts with what they're trying to login with, I'm starting with default, followed by root and database.

Because les write junk scriptz when the BBS replies WELCOME DEFAULT it spazes out their skrypt and I don't see that IP again for a while.

And I get a lovely list of these passwords they use.

Final version of my website - now all the time I've been wasting on a web presence will be used on the .

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After getting involved on a "help me with an english test" post on facebook, which devolved in to a bunch of people giving polar opposite answers to basic english.

It's become very clear that English is the lingustic version of being an adult, we all do whatever and hope it works out, only a very few of us have our shit together and clearly not a single fucker ever read the manual.

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