Oh dear. My BBS lost it's boot disk somehow.


I'm trying to repoint port23.ec.je over to the CORE-MEC02 server. But I can't seem to login to CloudFlare...

Oh god damn it, I managed to upload a shit load of irrelevant crap in to a QWK packet and post it to a fecking qwk net.

A decent 300 or so items.

It also means I can slap an actual modem on this machine to accept calls directly without needing the old relay laptop that keeps on dying for the lolz.

Phase 1 of bringing the BBS home is complete, one Windows XP machine hiding under the table. NEO14-S the Ubuntu server now is a smtp relay for the BBS's outbound email.

Now I just need to install ! copy over what I can, and voilà.

Gargh. My wifi is having serious issues, so my server keeps on dropping offline and back online because of it. Unamused.

Creepy decided to halt the BBS server without a shutdown (Thanks Obama) so I've had to waste 20 minutes fixing corrupted files in Wildcat!. Thank god I backup everything in the WC5 directory, including binaries.

I really need to find a desktop PC here at home that I can run Wildcat on, this whim of the provider shit is annoying.

So bad news was that, yes, because I forgot to write down my non standard password for the server I had to reinstall.

Good news is, I reinstalled gopher from my back-up and installed to use with my phone to sync contacts and such via VPN. Also Ubunutu did need an update to be fair.

Looks like I got to flash the ec.je server, good thing I backed up the Gopher root

@tek rather embarassing prior to Just Eat coming along "Hi it's Kévin from XYZ, but that doesn't matter, can I order some food please".

@tek I've worked in call centres for a while now, it takes a few minutes for the "actually, this is my phone and I ain't being recorded" to kick in. Annoying force of habit, but their spiel is laughable all the same.

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Ex-ambassadors and high commissioners say UK is weakened by ‘fiasco’

More than 40 former British ambassadors and high commissioners have written to Theresa May warning her that Brexit has turned into a “national crisis” and urging her to delay proceedings until the government has greater clarity about Britain’s likely future relationship with Europe.

The letter, signed by many of the most senior diplomats of the last 20 years, underlines concerns that British influence in the world will wane if the country leaves Europe’s trading and foreign policy bloc. www.theguardian.com/politics/2… #Brexit #Article50 #Civilservice #EuropeanUnion #Foreignpolicy #TheresaMay #Conservativeleadership #Politics #UKnews #Europe
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The Opportunity rover’s final message from Mars was “My battery is low and it is getting dark.”

And I'm still yet to bring over everything from lj.gl, non productive day

Dear lord, SpamExperts.com is literally the most complicated thing to set up. 550 Administrative Prohabition to you bitch.

But I finally got it, my BBS is now sending mail correctly. And the email domain change has finally been done.

@sconlan Kaja Katze, Queen of the Side Eye, destroyer of brick walls and heir to the Hoodie which is no longer my own.

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