I’ve started to upload my photo albums to a self-hosted photo system. omg.singles/fN9nj

@reidrac basically, I gave up in the end and used relays. My ISP is self hosting friendly, started with their SMTP relay, then moved to another when I needed outbound filtering (started to share a mail server with externals)

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@kiki that's the kind of néolibéral capitalisme that Thatcher would approve of

@stonewall3549 @digdeeper @Tutanota @protonmail I'd rather use a NSA.gov email account than Gmail, at least you won't get haunted by ads

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Please remember that “carbon footprint” is a bullshit concept devised by fossil fuel companies to shift responsibility for climate change away from companies and on to individuals

Well wasn’t Eurovision a bit wild tonight ?

@ParadeGrotesque and the scam just makes itself more obvious as the plebs buy more

Also cos I got bored I wrote a thing about What’s Running OH.MG omg.singles/pz8DX

You’re all now caught up to the last month or so of my life

Jarod also has the occasional nightmare, either Samy or I have to rescue him from them every so often as he’ll cry loudly in his sleep. In nicer news, the new neighbours like to watch them live their best lives in the terrasse

Samy the shy guy, is no longer shy, he’s now really opened up, we spend time together, and he has a thing for feet. As in he seems to hate them and mine are covered in claw marks 😂

Jarod my former street cat friend seems to have got worms at some point and they came back, two taxis and 67€ later he’s on meds for the week. Great thing is he’ll eat literally anything so pills in meat don’t phase him in the slightest

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@moonbolt @liaizon @tchambers @kevinmarks @chaosexanima hasn't it been sold by Verizon (who I imagine are the crusty old corporate pricks with that bright idea) for a while now ? Or is the new corporate overlord holding up the previous one's crusty policies ?

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Brief internet fame, getting that dopamine is harder than it was in the 90s news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3

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