Thank Baby Jésus a Christmas miracle, did some reinstalls and reboots and it’s backup like new

These are the things I do not need in my life today

Ugh, docker went nuts, Ubuntu stopped having it, and I’m pretty sure my self hosted mail server is kaput

@kev good thing Google tends to remove those blogspot accounts pretty efficiently, it vanished into obscurity after being reported

@kev you're quite lucky, I got some of my blog posts stolen by a porn spam blog and received a bunch of angry texts from family members that our surname was attached to an article about large teen penises 😂

Will it last in production? Fuck knows! But you don’t learn by wondering 😅

Yay, I did it, is serving from it’s individual self hosted servers and using content hosted on DreamObjects on all three protocols!

Cos I want to do this all on the root domain, and not have to create a bunch of subdomains

The great issue crops up with IPv6 since gopher, gemini, and Web will have their own unique IP addresses so that’ll be an interesting game

It’s also worth mentioning that I’m looking at this to try and keep four different physical servers synchronised properly, one of them completely outside my network.

I’m also considering my options to self-host OH.MG on all three protocols, gopher, gemini, and ze web. I think I can do that using my existing infrastructure, but the only problem is opening up HTTP to the outside world. Cos asshole bots.

I’m loving this gemini / html generator, it’s making my life more easy and pushing out a very might weight version of the website I want. It would be nice to be able to automatically generate the content for a gopher server, but I don’t think that’s doable as of yet Journal Post

@tomasino nothing like a series of super spreader events to spread the cheer

@Luke all it's missing is a video ad that won't fuck off and it's Web2.0 all over

Sweet baby jésus, I have far too many domains, I realise how many now that I have to redirect them all to

@cuttlefish but I bought all this popcorn for the live stream arrests...

@cs highly valuable items, they're never safe from the hands of invisible intruders, I'm surprised they even make it home sometimes

I’m so shocked right now, I bought 6 kinder eggs, and when I turned my back somebody broke in to my appartment and stole them. Really ! The crime here is weirdly specific, because there is literally no way I ate them all at once ! Totally impossible !

@specter never tried it on Ubuntu, but hold no hopes. If you go self hosted, and are your friends. It's what I use for my own self-hosted emails, and SpamHero strips your headers which is always good

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