Ze is having a reboot, soz bot that is trying to fr34k my telnet port

I think my is having some issues with file locks again, I just had to restart it. So BBS.ec will be down for a couple minutes… mmn.on.ca/bbs

Some port checker / skrypt / whatever keeps on crashing the SSL server on the . So Apache and ProxyPass to the rescue

Ugh I got tempted in to putting my web server back up. After all the web presence indecision, throwing back up the original website was the winner.

Most of the links go elsewhere anyways, it's not the most fantasic website but it'll do.

Final version of my website ec.je - now all the time I've been wasting on a web presence will be used on the .

If there is anybody out there with a modem and a spare few minutes, I've reconfigured my modem here to hopefully connect at 2400 (which seems to be at the top end of Vonage's capabilities), could you let me know if you can dial in successfully and how it looks ? I'm hoping it's better than previously - (416) 548-4117

Now I need to see if there is some way I can get to and deliver the message to the so the contents aren't left in plain text, should an intrusion actually take place. If I can do that, then I might just bring everything back in house. Quite literally in this case.

I think it's time to have a look what can be done.

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The BBS is back online, turns out you can fix a file lock by changing the file type and windows be like whatever about it.


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