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I have never seen her this territorial before, like as if an act of war has just been declared

Unexpected feline visitor breached the cat screen. Kaja heard it fall, and let me tell you she's got some lungs on her. Sounded like an ambulance crashed through the wall. She's properly vexed right now, probably cos she was going to mess this other cat up but couldn't because the window is closed.

When the fat prick who tore down the screen wobbled off, she came right at me to dish some. She's between the window and at the end of the bed growling, so much for sleeping tonight.

Kaja is unamused she's been woken up by the gilets jaunes, she loves chilling in her window garden when the weather is nice

Phase 1 of bringing the BBS home is complete, one Windows XP machine hiding under the table. NEO14-S the Ubuntu server now is a smtp relay for the BBS's outbound email.

Now I just need to install ! copy over what I can, and voilà.

So bad news was that, yes, because I forgot to write down my non standard password for the server I had to reinstall.

Good news is, I reinstalled gopher from my back-up and installed to use with my phone to sync contacts and such via VPN. Also Ubunutu did need an update to be fair.

Because the weather is getting nicer, I planted herbe à chat for when Miss Kaja uses her garden again

Drunk me knows where to get the good stuff it seems. Practically christmas.

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