If I gotta go on the I'm going to do it behind a wall of text.

Finally the script is starting to slow down it's username password combo enough to grab a decent screen cap.

Final version of my website ec.je - now all the time I've been wasting on a web presence will be used on the .

Good times until Whiney Windows 10 decides to pop up an irrelevant box and crash the game I was playing for over an hour.

Waiting for the ticking clock to start my bread in the oven, don't judge me for the aluminium foil, I don't have any parchment paper.

Protest about the climate change outside, every so often a roll of Oléeeeeeee roars outside. Miss Kaja woken from her slumber in confusion

I have literally kept this on as background tv, and now I've gone in to deep to stop. Dear god, what have I done ?

If there is anybody out there with a modem and a spare few minutes, I've reconfigured my modem here to hopefully connect at 2400 (which seems to be at the top end of Vonage's capabilities), could you let me know if you can dial in successfully and how it looks ? I'm hoping it's better than previously - (416) 548-4117

Like I love the for all of my tapes, it's amazing and sometimes the best part of it (who hasn't played a shit game to be fair).

I've started pulling out my tapes from the boxes, I might need to do a cross channel run for a cheap tv since my uk version doesn't fare well with my french flat screen. The drawer smells of the 80s, holding them brings me back.

Don't mind the Amiga disks, that's another time.

She's been like this all evening, ready to drop her rage bomb for her new mortal enemy

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