UK politics at this point is a tragically hilarious shuffle of out of touch posh clowns

They’re doing their own thing and yes, Jarod is sleeping in their toy box

I technically quit smoking, just don’t ask me how many of these I’ve got through

Haven’t updated the content on my site for a month or so, but did I just add a mailing list subscribe box and some ASCII Art. Obvs yes

Overnight Kaja’s condition deteriorated and she fell into a coma. The hospital was able to recussiate her, but 3 hours later it happened again. This time she wasn’t able to be brought back.

Kaja passed away at 6h this morning.

This is the photo the ASCII art is based off of, can’t remember exactly when this photo was taken but it was a long time ago

Got some LED candles, set them out side and I’m happy with the results

I’m sat outside with Kaja at 2h du mat because she is obsessed with being outside and trying to get to the bins

This is the new setup, hidden some work and financial things, but trying to cut the screen time on some of the web (although I do need to keep Chrome for work)

Can’t go anywhere without doing one of these, great times with Omicron 🙄

Working on the BBS today, and also starting to mirror out my journal to FTP / the BBS file area

I like picking up flags of places I’ve been, but I think on this occasion I may have gone a touch overboard. It’s quite huge

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