Phase 1 of bringing the BBS home is complete, one Windows XP machine hiding under the table. NEO14-S the Ubuntu server now is a smtp relay for the BBS's outbound email.

Now I just need to install ! copy over what I can, and voilà.

So bad news was that, yes, because I forgot to write down my non standard password for the server I had to reinstall.

Good news is, I reinstalled gopher from my back-up and installed to use with my phone to sync contacts and such via VPN. Also Ubunutu did need an update to be fair.

Because the weather is getting nicer, I planted herbe à chat for when Miss Kaja uses her garden again

Drunk me knows where to get the good stuff it seems. Practically christmas.

Further to my it should at the very least pick one of the many networks around. It's rather annoying, I can't netflix in bed now.

Has anybody run across an issue when an upgrades itself and the is totally dead. No networks will come up at all ? My Acer tablet has totally bricked the WiFi. I've factory reset the bastard three times now. Nada.

I hadn't noticed my cobbled together dial up link computer decided to « lol non » a couple days ago. But the dial up link is back up. Plan for the new year is to bring a decent machine in that will run the BBS from here and avoid such mishaps. I used to have a pretty good set up in Bristol, but then again I had a lot of space in there for it. Dial in number is (416) 548-4117 and here is my dramatic cat, just because.

I'm going to throw this out there, but I have a feeling somebody might be a tiny bit angry about something.

I've lost Ms Kaja to the blanket monster, she will no doubt be upset when woken.

I've done good with the dial up number for the BBS (416) 548-4117, I've created a secure link between the modem machine and the Google Cloud server to avoid things going unencrypted outside the internal network. It's also set at 2400 baud, cos lol Vonage.

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