Working on the BBS today, and also starting to mirror out my journal to FTP / the BBS file area

I like picking up flags of places I’ve been, but I think on this occasion I may have gone a touch overboard. It’s quite huge

To give some context, the internet struggle bus is real

My Freebox seems to be having a bit of a night so it’s questionable if any of the servers are responding properly until they fix it - OH.MG Status

I was really concerned with all the plague parades around that when traffic was stopped and there was chanting, I’d have another wonderful Saturday. Instead, for once, there is a normal protest of Maliens and I’ve missed seeing them in the last few weeks

I tried this as well but apparently we’re uploading things in 1992 as it’s not going anywhere

To put it into context, I’ve had to do so many of these tests recently, my friends now use me as their barometer of infection. If I ever get a positive, they know they’re fucked.

Quite literally every time I post a link on here, these are the immediate visitors to the exact number and location

And here we have why should win this one , thank you Birdsite for delivering

Je recherche des restaurants qui acceptent Swile, je complète mon panier après avoir soigneusement choisi la nourriture que je veux vraiment maintenant, OH LOL, ils n’acceptent pas Swile. Et répétez dix fois de plus, voici l’expérience @Deliveroo_FR

Ah Amazon, Your Number One Choice for Launching Spam and Vulnerability Attacks 👍

“Because money is money, and fuck you”
-Overlord Bezos

I’ve been staring blankly at OH.MG trying to get the creative juices flowing. What happened in the end is I watched a twitch stream and fell asleep

Seriously @rackspace, as says “Tip: Do not put your FBL or abuse@ account behind content-based spam filters. What’s the point of filtering away the evidence you need to clean up your network?”

The definition of end of day is questionable at best, but clearly 18h was not only the promised time but it’s clearly the end of the day for some people

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