I put a time limiter on my social media apps, genuinely the best thing I've ever done.

Had 6 hours between my flight and getting kicked out at checkout from the apartment, so I went to . I got some decent pix.

Ah an efficient and speedy reply to my driving licence exchange

Trop chaud to fête quoi, this is outside my building. But god speed to all of them having fun in this savage heatwave, you are crazier than I am.

Can't trust your work colleagues with a bag of googly eyes.

I have front row seats to the nightmare neighbour packing her shit, fucking towards the off direction and hopefully getting in a fatal car accident before some other poor saps have to deal with her shit. Literally the best christmas ever.

Batteries ain't susposed to do this right ? Well that's why ec.je is dead, the linux laptop running the show expanded and nearly exploded

A few days ago I was in Sunny-ish Barcelona, now I'm back in mid winter Paris...

If I gotta go on the I'm going to do it behind a wall of text.

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