Tikka Masala was a success, but it needed some fresh chilli. Learned for next time

There were many stairs, but when admission is 11€50, you do them all

This is perfect for little madame, it’s her favourite looking direction 🐦

Window latch roblem solved today, I also cleaned out what could be another cat entirely out of the clim so it will now breathe better and chill like it’s got Netflix. I had to chisel out 60 years of paint from the window lock and it’s screws. I’m sure I have lead poisoning ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I should really be doing real world things, but here I find myself wrapped up in the digital world and watching the concequences of premarital sex mmn.lgbt/2020/07/17/i-have-fou

In 2020 to get a signle viagra spam in the slew of Coronaspam reminds me of the good old days

A sneak peak of the old server farm :
Top : mailcow
Middle : WildDuck
Bottom : BBS

Trying out mailcow.email on an older server, it’s got some good points but not as easy to pgp encrypt all incoming emails like wildduck.email

It’s pride week, so I re-registered mmn.lgbt and decided to rename the computer the BBS is hosted on. Forever in your email headers :

Received: from core-mec03.mmn.lgbt (core-mec03.mmn.lgbt [])

My birthday it is not, like not even close, and @fitbit has been spamming me in English and in French about some fathers day offer, discounted delivery or something, rather obnoxious. It really is just like a crazy ex filling your mailbox with REMEMBER I’M HERE.

The whole computer noped out earlier on VNC as well, so I had to bring up backup interface TV 😅

She’s hunting a bird in the tree, hiding behind the cat grass

In other news, this is a photo of the little lady I took last night. Adorbs.

Some jackass got ml.gy flagged for malware and only two subdomains were ever flagged for SPAM by FreeDNS. Thanks Google, thanks douchebag SPAM jerks 👍 now just waiting for the site to be reviewed

All her things outside today so she can enjoy the weather

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