Can't trust your work colleagues with a bag of googly eyes.

I have front row seats to the nightmare neighbour packing her shit, fucking towards the off direction and hopefully getting in a fatal car accident before some other poor saps have to deal with her shit. Literally the best christmas ever.

Batteries ain't susposed to do this right ? Well that's why is dead, the linux laptop running the show expanded and nearly exploded

A few days ago I was in Sunny-ish Barcelona, now I'm back in mid winter Paris...

If I gotta go on the I'm going to do it behind a wall of text.

Finally the script is starting to slow down it's username password combo enough to grab a decent screen cap.

Final version of my website - now all the time I've been wasting on a web presence will be used on the .

Good times until Whiney Windows 10 decides to pop up an irrelevant box and crash the game I was playing for over an hour.

Waiting for the ticking clock to start my bread in the oven, don't judge me for the aluminium foil, I don't have any parchment paper.

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