Anyone here a Mystic BBS sysop that wants to help me make sense of their menu editor?

Or should I just go to synchronet instead?

@ajroach42 Not a bbs sysop, but my subjective impression is Synchronet is more developed of the two eh? Likelier to have more ready support?


@Shufei @ajroach42 depends on what you're looking for really, I've not used Mystic but I do run a Wildcat! board. You've got to be really comfortable with your software or it's a total bitch to deal with, plus is much more secure for the today internet

@Shufei @ajroach42 however, if you're looking to mainly relive the days with a Mystic board then go crazy and diddle around with it, that's half the fun (says the man who lost his 1000 page book on managing Wildcat! V6)

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