In my life I've watched the limits of personal computing fall one by one. We've gone from computers too small to store a long text document, to computers so big you can store many lives' works and requiring a search engine to access the contents. And yet it doesn't feel like we're collectively getting any smarter.

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Maybe if the tools we use were shaped more by the users and less by commercial interests we'd be better off.

@mirth not only that but I even wonder if being faced with fewer constraints has somewhat relieved the evolutionary pressure to be smart, efficient, and creative.

@pdt I'm sure to a degree. I've been coming at this from another angle: now hardware on the flattish part of the depreciation curve is past the bar for most modern tasks. $100 laptops are good enough for coding, video calls, CAD, etc. Due to modern compilers, better kernel tuning, etc, performance can be better than when the hardware was new.

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