@nydel Microsoft aquiring Linux? That's a good one! ;)

@nydel correct me if i'm wrong, but github is just one git, just as mastodon.sdf.org - is just one mastodon?

@cosullivan Sorry i couldn't help commenting on your name: my dad is a cosullivan too: cool name :) (one of Munster's finest )

@nydel i love the dictd server. For command line spelling and meaning lookups, i'd say it was unbeatable.
There are so many different dictionary packages you can include, if you need; or even convert a word list of your own.

All i know is God posts alot, and only in Japanese.
He seems to have a European name though? (and picture)

@papa @g0d
I'm sorry for bringing God into it, that was a typo. I still can't read Japanese, even with God 'and' @papa om my side. :)

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It's been a while since my last post on the subject, but here are some exciting news about #funkwhale: the #federation is actually usable now, as shown in the video below:

1. We follow another instance
2. We scan it's library
3. We import some tracks from it
4. We play those tracks from our own instance

You can't imagine how happy I am to see this actually working, after weeks working on the protocol/invisible stuff!


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Thanks. We hope we will inspire and help (technically) others to launch similar initiatives so that the number of decentralized and federated service providers grows.

Very cool!
There is nothing stopping any of us offering, email, chat, social, and cloud services to our family and friends in a decentralized way, like - our own server/community. Kudos to disroot . There can never be enough advocacy for, this i think.


Videos are great - but text then pictures, i feel, should convey all the information, or most of it, without seeing the videos. Many still have bad net connections, (or even bad hearing - like me ;) ) so videos are out.
Videos are great still. I think they are the icing on the cake!! :)

Their 'is' a place for centralised content: it makes things easy to find, and it focuses our attention on 'one' aspect / place .

Btw i am just writing a very brief advocacy article for all my facebook family and friends. I would welcome any feedback.
I will share here , or link to this, when done (by weekend i hope).

Please share any progress, with us. I am sure you are on the right track.

I think it good to have aplace where there are lots of advocacy stories, articles and links to the best, or a written piece which incorporates all the 'best' reasons to use federated services and non commercial socializing and systems via the internet.

Hi, @ajc
:) Well said! I hope 'you' become popular !!
Actually - i'm sure you already are.

The sun is shining in England! It's actually feeling like Spring at last.

'Silly Season' is upon us almost, t-shirt--coat--coat-t-shirt, ...

Time to start on the New Year resolutions! :)

@dasyatidprime I believe you! I mentioned that also, on the developers citadel.

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