Just thinking now: Something i have thought about for a few years , and i am sure many have before me.
What would persuade my friends and family to ditch - firstly - Facebook?
I suppose we all need just one 'tech savvy' person in our immediate circle of friends. First to actually inform us of things like 'data mining', and loss of personal freedom, also to maybe run a social media server (mastodon, friendica, diaspora?) . Suggestions - on connecting all these circles of friends very welcome.

@mikeao I would be tempted to start my own Mastodon instance. It would be for family and friends at first, and then expand beyond that.

@dbucklin Yes i have ben thinking of doing the same. maybe now is the time to try to explain 'big data' to our non-technical friends and family, in the light of the big Facebook story in the news.


@dbucklin Will you let us know how you get along, if you set up your own mastodon?

@mikeao it won't be soon, and maybe never, but mailing lists are awfully clever.

@dbucklin What do you mean by: " mailing lists are awfully clever" ?

@mikeao I thought we were rhyming. Sadly, my verse lacks rhythm and timing!

@dbucklin Ahhh i see! Well - things that rhyme may fill our time while we try and think up, that line that will link up, with truth and catchy moral, you could call it a 'grace hook'.
Now lets all !

Apart from the social networks: diaspora. friendica, hubzilla, and of course mastodon; there is also one more whcih can be used for a social network amonst many other things (including mailing lists ; ) )

@mikeao I was on a Citadel bbs back in the 90s. I loved the UI, but it's the community that really makes those things. Back then, long distance charges were a thing, so BBSs were a local phenomenon. It was great to meet other members IRL on a regular basis. Being on SDF comes close.

Excellent rhymes, btw!

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