So here's the thing that makes Lord of the Rings not believable.

There's all these crazy magical beings, and powerful creatures that have been doing awesome stuff through the first and second ages of Middle Earth. And then the third age comes along and everyone's like "now it's the time for the boring, kind of lame, unmagical, uninteresting age of man."

But why? Man? Really? When there's like elves and goblins and shit? You really want the people who are mostly only around because they're slightly taller to control all of middle earth? Rohan's claim to fame is "we ride horses". I'm not impressed.

Ents exist. And it's going to be the age of man? No thanks.

@gabek Doesn't it have to do with the reckless ambition that humans have due to a short life span? I mean we live in a time when all the wise/deliberate/older programmers sat back and allowed the young/impatient/ambitious to create the Age of Javascript...

@mh haha you have a point! In the movies the Elves just get out of the way and do their own thing maybe out of sheer exhaustion. I get it.
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