@thor Does it mean that every D you ever wrote is a come putter aided D sign

@khm And thanks to the guy who took care of those who make USB cables with only the data lines!

@khm I vaguely remember you tooting about the power supply turning off randomly. Does that problem persist? Do you remember the cause?

Best decapitation is head decapitation

@aza_leah You mean all possible digits of decimal system, right?

Now is a good moment to do something. I'm going to enjoy it until it passes.

@scribe Bad idea: how about using c preprocessor?

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Wishing you all a happy ED day 

$ date +"obase=16; %j" | bc

She was wrong. It turns out that 230-220*0.5=5!

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healthy from head to toe, dead from a bullet list to the brain

@joeo10 First and last one I paid for - Coolpad F1. After 5 years or so I managed to break the screen, so I started asking my friends and family for their old phones. I got Galaxy S III Neo and I still use it.

Few days ago I dropped my phone (again) and I had to repair it. Then I realized I bought only one smartphone in my whole life. Let's see how long it takes before I buy another one.

@khm You can't make a statement like that and then just forget to mention your bank account number

@khm A circumstance where the best way to manage your money is a six-inch touchscreen?

I dunno, what if we make every other way unusable? lETS FIND OUT

@khm And also it's a well known fact that he had people to do things for him, why would I think it wasn't the case this time?

@khm Why would anyone believe in that? I mean, he promised to eat his dick on TV and later he refused, so there's no reason to believe in anything he allegedly does. He's just not very trustworthy.

Touching hot stove is a great example of feedback and learning. That's why our employees are encouraged to touch hot surfaces on a daily basis.

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