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Router reboot has me back to broadband speeds such as are common in modern times. All systems go?

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This is, of course, dependent on me being able to upload the mp3 to SDF, which is currently going at about 14.4K modem speed.

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Once again duty calls for off-hours $WORK maintenance, so I have recorded an hour of music for tonight's Giant Steps show 0000 UTC on , with a bit of an autumn theme to start off. Enjoy!

US-VA pol 

Virginia, my home state, I wanna give you a diss.

US-VA pol 

Sticks Nix Mc’s ‘Tics

personal update 

I'm home from the hospital, feeling great. Expect to be back on my routine tomorrow, but first, a proper shower. 🚿

Spent yesterday/last night in the hospital. I will be fine but I might need to cancel tonight’s Giant Steps. If I do, the aNONradio robut should serve up a rerun. All should be well next week. Thanks!

On the bus back from an NBA game, there is a couple who were also at the game, who look to be only slightly older than me (I’m 49) and the woman is wearing a black vest covered nearly 100% with metal band patches. Rock on, middle aged metal loving basketball fans. 🤘🏻

Coming up at 0000 UTC on @tilderadio is the final (for now) episode of the Freshmaker Show. Be there, or don't.

Sporps (ice hockey) 

Da-dun da-duh, duh, dunnnnnnn

Tonight's Giant Steps show will be prerecorded, but will still contain all the jazz goodness you have come to expect. 0000 UTC at - brought to you by @SDF


While there are plenty of people that are gleefully happy that Facebook went down, I take a different view. I'm thinking of the engineers at Facebook who were suddenly under immense, superhuman pressure to get things up and running again. I've been in that situation before, and it sucks.

Spare me the "they chose to work at Facebook" lecture. The only people who sign up to fight fires are firefighters. They're as human as me and they had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

crime and death in the USA 

Three people were shot on my block last night. One died. Am finding out now that the fatality was a career firefighter out in the burbs, with the department that helped save my life after I was hit by an out-of-control driver on the Beltway in 2007.

So very sad and senseless. Gun violence is the American disease. We need the cure.

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