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"Perfection is attained not when there are no meetings more to add, but when there are no meetings more to cancel." - not Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


If you're an NFL fan and have access to Nickelodeon, check out their broadcast of the current Chicago vs. New Orleans game. Definitely not taking things too seriously, as it should be.

some dude being banned from bird site 

All this gloating over bird site admins banning that dude when you know he's just going to create a burner later tonight. Get real.

USPol (insurrection, etc) 

While we can all recognize the final certification of the results, let us not forget:

- the grandstanding of certain members of both houses in support of the coup

- the failure of Capitol police and security to stop the terrorists

- that local residents with no involvement in the insurrection were forced into curfew by the danger it presented

- that the President cannot be trusted to leave willingly on the 20th

I have said my piece about this. Good morning, friends.

USpol (insurrection in DC) 

I am safe. Bugged out to a sibling’s home an hour out of town, at least for tonight.

Not watching the news. I’ll find out eventually if anyone is brought to justice for this. (I’m not holding my breath.)

To any fellow DCians who might be reading, be safe tonight.

Everyone knows that when you delete a mail in Outlook, it goes in a Deleted Items folder until you delete it permanently.

Heh, "permanently." TIL that (at least on $work's Outlook) mail you delete from Deleted Items goes to a hidden "Recoverable Items" folder, where it stays until you delete it from *there.* Just purged about 1500 previously deleted mails.

"When you throw something away, what does 'away' mean?"

Coming up at 0000 UTC on the 5th (so, 7PM Eastern on the 4th) I'll be doing my first radio show in decades over on @tilderadio. It'll be like old days in college (and my musical choices haven't aged much) Tune in to the Moose Hour and find out if I've still got it! (Whatever "it" is.)

Happy New Year (EST)!

2021 will be better, it will just take a while. Keep the faith.


It's time!

Join us as we wrap up the best music from the year that was 1990, commencing now on Sundogistani Public Radio, available online at

🎉 :blobpats: 🎉

Enjoying my morning as I listen to the 9th annual 26-hour Live Show! 🎆 ☕ 🎇

Listen in at

Join in the fun and talk live with others via client for your preferred platform. The Mumble server is below.

Mumble Server:
Port: 64747
Channel: Hacker Public Radio

Be sure to boost so everyone can participate! 👍

Enjoyed listening to some anonradio/tilderadio and lurking on associated chats tonight. Takes me back to college days, DJing until midnight and crawling the net until dawn. (Although, my GPA suffered quite a bit that year... though I did eventually recover and graduate.)

The continuing adventures of my latest FedEx package: “on FedEx vehicle for delivery” for the third day in a row. Hang in there, little package, you’ll be free soon. I hope.

Final release of the year finished. Time to relax.

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