Perhaps it’s not such a great idea to have so much virtual infrastructure in one region of one company’s cloud.

(Disclosure: my $WORK has a lot of stuff deployed into said region of said cloud)

griping about the post office 

Unless the USPS has a time machine, a package isn't going to be delivered "on time" tonight to me in DC if the package hasn't left Massachusetts yet since being shipped a week ago.

I really wish USPS didn't lie to me about whether and when packages are delivered.

(And, when USPS does choose to deliver it, they'll almost certainly deliver it to the wrong house anyway.)

Started about ten minutes late because, as the kids say, "reasons", but am now on @tilderadio live without a net (or a playlist)

Unfortunately I won't be able to do the show live tonight, but I have queued up a selection of awesome jazz tracks for at 0000 UTC. Please enjoy.

Returning to @tilderadio tonight at 0000 UTC. 4 listeners can't be wrong!

No Giant Steps show this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Starting next week, back to two shows:

- Untitled Show (eclectic) on @tilderadio Tuesdays 0000 UTC
- Giant Steps (jazz) on Fridays 0000 UTC

Thank you as always for listening!

Will be returning to @tilderadio in my former time slot (Tuesdays 0000 UTC) after Thanksgiving. Format and genres to be decided. But I missed you folks more than I thought. Cheers.

(Continuing with the jazz show on Fridays at 0000 UTC)

Giant Steps playlists are now available on the aNONradio site:

I am no longer hosting these (or much of anything else) on

Router reboot has me back to broadband speeds such as are common in modern times. All systems go?

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This is, of course, dependent on me being able to upload the mp3 to SDF, which is currently going at about 14.4K modem speed.

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Once again duty calls for off-hours $WORK maintenance, so I have recorded an hour of music for tonight's Giant Steps show 0000 UTC on , with a bit of an autumn theme to start off. Enjoy!

US-VA pol 

Virginia, my home state, I wanna give you a diss.

US-VA pol 

Sticks Nix Mc’s ‘Tics

personal update 

I'm home from the hospital, feeling great. Expect to be back on my routine tomorrow, but first, a proper shower. 🚿

Spent yesterday/last night in the hospital. I will be fine but I might need to cancel tonight’s Giant Steps. If I do, the aNONradio robut should serve up a rerun. All should be well next week. Thanks!

On the bus back from an NBA game, there is a couple who were also at the game, who look to be only slightly older than me (I’m 49) and the woman is wearing a black vest covered nearly 100% with metal band patches. Rock on, middle aged metal loving basketball fans. 🤘🏻

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