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Found another book that quotes from my BA thesis: "Microworld Writing: Making Spaces for
Collaboration, Construction, Creativity, and
Community in the Composition Classroom" (PDF)

FOSS-North on Nov 1: "foss-north is a free / open source conference covering both software and hardware from the technical perspective."

Today I worked from here. With a view to the garden. Saw a woodpecker! Tomorrow it's my turn in the study.

What do people think about Session, the new encrypted messenger app with metadata protection?

Joseph Cox at Vice Motherboard has written a nice article about Phantom Secure, the company with the modified Blackberry phones:

The recent Vice article about geoengineering wrote in passing that the Arctic ice melting is now irreversible.

They refer to this article in Nature:

Trying out a Pixelbook with Linux/Crostini. Building Emacs 27 with my configure: 90 seconds. Not bad for a fanless laptop.

A friend made a Swedish Rick Astley Hotline using 46elks and 15 lines of Python:

Call +46 766 86 84 36 for a good time.

"Huawei cyber security evaluation centre oversight board: annual report 2020":

Imagine if equipment of other vendors had this kind of scrutiny!

Wittgenstein as a hardboild thinker. "The Philosopher and the Detectives: Ludwig Wittgenstein's Enduring Passion for Hardboiled Fiction"

25 years since Where the wild roses grow single was released! Now I feel old.

You know, one of those evenings when you don a black suit, pour a cognac, listen to Depeche and Sisters and reminiscence.

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