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When news of modern computing brings me down I tend to re-read at least the first part of Steven Levy's "Hackers". Today is such a day.

Happy Midsummer's Eve and FreeBSD Day, everyone! I've just swept the porch in my cottage and it's time for a beer.

I wonder why doesn't have anything by Phil and Kaja Foglio anymore. I want to read the new novel!

Highly recommend the web comic, btw.

It shows on the electricity bill that we're working from home and that one of my sons have moved back with us: 27% increase in May compared to last year. I blame his PS4.

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Photo gallery removed for bandwidth reasons. Anyone feeling up to hosting the site?

Are their any fair laptops similar to Fairphone? Workers treated decently, no conflict minerals, no planned obsolence, easy to repair, et cetera?

Yes, an MNT Reform would be wonderful for repairability, of course. Others?

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Wow! I have never seen John Oliver this angry:

Well worth watching. And maybe read about policing by consent:

Degrowth: new roots for the economy

"As long as our economy is dependent on growth, a recession will be devastating. Instead we need a planned, sustainable, and equitable downscaling of the economy."

Snakeware, a Linux distribution that boots directly to Python, like the home computers of old. Uses framebuffer directly from Python!


TIL: To order a phone tap in Sweden you have to know who the number goes to!

This might explain why both ordinary police and The Other Police (as several of them have introduced themselves to me) really, really want registration of pre-paid SIMs.

Also, location services...

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Swedish Ministry of Justice asked Sigurd Heuman to figure out if Sweden should demand registration of pre-paid SIM card.

TL;DR: Yes. Both for new cards and for existing cards, with a 6 month grace period.

The investigation notes that, yes, this will drive people who commit crimes to e2e apps, but they note that most crimes are not that well planned and with people with terrible opsec.

Roughly 10 years ago since $dayjob enabled IPv6 on DNS i-root and our DNS sites:

Probably something like 14 years since we enabled v6 on the IX.

Second chance. Time for viewing the SpaceX launch.

If you want even more reading about Anarchism I recommend at least looking through the old Spunk Library I helped start:

Sadly haven't been updated since the late 90s, though.

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