I'm moving to @mc@hackers.town but apparently the migration stuff in SDF's Mastodon is broken.

@devinprater What kind of Chromebook?

I tried a Pixelbook a while ago and 16 GB of RAM certainly helped when I tried the Linux VM things.

When I came home the lovely wife had bought Stross' Invisible sun!

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For the trip home I went to the science fiction bookshop looking for the latest Stross but they had already sold out! I grabbed The ministry for the future instead. I'm about 150 pages or so in. Really good.

Back in Malmö since last night. Good to be home.

@phessler And the filtering! My current hotel lets through 80 and 443/tcp and that's it. Luckily they don't look to closely that the traffic is HTTP or TLS so SSH and OpenVPN works.

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