@kensanata @cat Is Google Stadia available in your country? Is No Man's Sky on Stadia? Might be an option with no or very little hardware investment.

Why hasn't anyone told me about Lego Heroica? Perfect for introducing board games and role playing games to my biological experiments.


New blog post: Videotex and online services


Triggered by the recent Bildschirmtext talk at HOPE 2020.

@joacim 45 rum o kök? Man får ha väldigt stor familj, ha det som kollektiv eller ha ett extremt socialt liv... Ett kollektiv i en herrgård vore nog ganska kul.

@Shufei No mouse, but actually a sort of touch-sensitive screens in a crude way! At least on some of the terminals.

You can experience a running PLATO system here:


Wikipedia article: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PLATO_%2

PLATO User's Guide from 1983: controlfreaks.org/twiki/pub/Ma

@Shufei Or imagine a PLATO system open to the public? Now we're talking! Perhaps PLATO systems networked together somehow?

Really liked Brian Dear's "The friendly orange glow":


@Shufei I seem to remember BYTE Magazine having an article about NAPLPS a long time ago.

NAPLPS looked a lot more interesting than the Prestel hack when I read about it way back when. We never saw any NAPLPS here.

This one, perhaps?


@Shufei Oh, I don't know about not cute... Imagine this fine Facit 4431 terminal with a glowing green phosphor (something like , 525 nanometres) and a modem with red blinkenlights on top of it. That's what my connection to the world looked like a long time ago.

Not my photo, I'm afraid. Found it here: eolo.cps.unizar.es/eddiethewil

@Shufei Prestel/Btx/Videotex was terrible. Hardly any interactivity. Fucking menu systems. And really expensive, at least in Sweden.

Just simple, ordinary ASCII terminals and access to real timesharing (TOPS-20, anyone?) was so much better.

@raichoo I did, but I haven't tried running it yet. Interesting that it's written in Zig.

I also tried working with the tinywl port to Golang. That worked in my Sway setup but didn't work from the console. Too bad.

@raichoo No, but I'm trying to help. I'm having fun reading the code.


I did the same, forking tinywl, and added a simple tiling mode, but the dwl project had come so much further. I doubt that I will continue on my own fork.

I added a focused border to dwl. Accepted upstreams. Still a lot to do on dwl, but it's slowly moving forward.

Leonard Cohen sings the old wobbly song Solidarity Forever! Didn't know he had made a cover.


I was recently made aware of how people on the spectrum are treated in France. Here's a 2018 article in The Guardian, for instance:


"Parents are told: ‘Forget your child, grieve for your child and accept the fact that they will be put in an institution’."


"France is the last bastion of psychoanalysis."


dwl now has a zoom function, thst is modkey+return to make a window the master. Makes it more usable but still lots to do before it can be the daily driver Wayland compositor.

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