Interactive Meyer cutting square for you isolated longsworders out there:

Command discovery in Emacs. Adds a mode argument to interactive functions. Nice idea!

Winter aconites and snowdrops in Malmö, Sweden. Early spring this year.

@dnkl I'm reminded of PLEASE DO in the Intercal programming language. If there wasn't enough rows with PLEASE you get a compiler error: PROGRAMMER TOO IMPOLITE!

@sa0bse Tack! Din blog är redan i min RSS-läsare.

@phessler @djsundog We used to record the european version of 120 Minutes on VHS and play them at parties.

@sa0bse Would really like to see more switching to Wayland stuff.

My blog post about it from a while back:

First training at my historical fencing club for the semester. Outside, small group, plenty of distance from each other. Perhaps -2 and a little wind, but it worked out OK.

I'm going to hate my shoulders tomorrow... But so worth it.

@sirjofri Some live and interesting newsgroups: comp.compilers, comp.arch, comp.arch.fpga.

alt.folklore.computers is very active, but not very on topic most of the time. Some nuggets appear in alt.sys.pdp10 sometimes.

The new Thinkpad X1 Nano is now available in Sweden. Soldered RAM and a key travel of only 1.35 mm, though... Has anyone tried the keyboard?

@publius There's at least one between Denmark and Germany: Rødby-Puttgarden. I have taken it many times.

@publius Of course, not everyone shares my bad experiences.

Night trains are an excellent idea.

Did you know that the Austrian Night Jet night train also takes cars? Genius!

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